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Most of the couples who choose me as their wedding photographer prefer a style of photography that is relaxed and candid, capturing the small moments instead of cheesy, posed pictures. It’s often a style of photography known as reportage or documentary wedding photography and sometimes wedding photojournalism.

I have been a member of the Wedding Photojournalists Association for a number of years now. It’s an association that showcases the best documentary wedding photography in the world. I was the first wedding photographer in Norfolk to be approved for membership and later in Suffolk and Essex too.

I’m pleased to say that I’m ranked amongst the best 14 wedding photographers in Essex by the WPJA and amongst their top 7 wedding photographers in Suffolk and top 10 Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographers. As well as placing number 1 for Norfolk Wedding Photography.

Here’s a few of the images that have won awards from the WPJA over the past few years!

1. Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, UK

An absolute corker of a day and just as windy, Clara and Errol married in Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire. This picture was taken as Errol began belting out the hymn Jerusalem. A church favourite but also one he is sure to love singing with his rugby team.

A wedding at Ely Cathedral

2. Bruisyard Hall, Suffolk, UK

A favourite from a wedding at Bruisyard Hall, the bride here caught in the light as she came down the stairs after getting ready for the day ahead. I had hidden behind the curtains to get this shot!

A bride on the stairs at Bruisyard Hall

3. Childerley Hall, Cambridgeshire, UK

Summer time in the UK is, naturally, the most popular time to hold a wedding. But in the UK, it’s no guarantee of sunshine. That’s why I always advise my couples to have a wet weather plan. I love a little bit of rain, truth be told, it always makes for interesting images. Here, guests sheltering from the rain at a Childerley Hall Wedding look skyward for signs of sunshine, fortunately, they didn’t have to wait for long.

A rainy wedding in Cambridge

4. Maids Head Hotel, Norwich, UK

After bridal preparations were complete at this wedding in Norwich, the brides family and her bridal party awaited the reveal. Every face tells a picture but it is her the look on her dad’s face that tells you how happy but, also, overwhelmed he was.

5. Pentney Abbey, West Norfolk, UK

The bouquet toss is one of those traditions that you don’t see as much as you might think. A lot of people like to dry their bouquet out and preserve it instead. But I’m so pleased this bride chose to throw hers – and what a throw it was, rising above the roof of the barn at Pentney Abbey! The look on her face it what makes me smile when I look at this photo though. She knows she has thrown it high and is wondering quite how much damage it might do on it’s return flight to Earth. The bouquet itself, didn’t do much harm but a bridesmaid did get a little grazed in the scuffle!

5. The Halls, Norwich, UK

Taken before a wedding at the Halls in Norwich, mum and dad are clearly overjoyed at the sight of their daughter in her wedding dress. As a photographer, I had to choose quickly what position to capture this image from. Sometimes I can move around and get a view from each direction but that was not possible here. I chose to focus on the bride’s parents. Their excitement in this moment is what she will look back on and remember.

6. Southwold, Suffolk

A non-traditional group shot from this Suffolk Wedding as the bride is helped by her guests to adjust her dress and remove some confetti from her veil. The gathering of friends and family and the light playing on her veil made this scene for me – ‘click’ !

7. Voewood, North Norfolk, UK

Finishing touches in the bridal suite at Voewood. As the veil is attached, bride and bridesmaid share a moment before preparing to make their way to the ceremony.

8. Bruisyard Hall, Suffolk, UK

During the bridal preparations, at this Bruisyard Hall Wedding in Suffolk, the bride and her bridesmaids give and receive gifts. I had to cram myself into the smallest of spaces to get this picture but it was worth it for the smile on the brides face – pure joy!

If you like these images and you’re planning a wedding in Cambridge, a wedding in Essex, a Norfolk or a Suffolk Wedding then let’s talk about your plans and about making some images of your big day!

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