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There are plenty of things to consider as you approach your special day. The walk down the aisle, the cutting of the cake and the all-night dancing in celebration are getting closer and closer. If you’ve curated, chopped and changed a to-do list for your wedding day, it will probably boil down to these five things:

And Rob Dodsworth Photography can be there to take care of all your photography requirements, to document your wedding day from your last-minute dress alterations, all the way to the first dance. However, to create consistently wonderful photographs for you to cherish for years to come, there’s one aspect you may not have considered. Professional hair and makeup is an easy and time-saving method to achieve the hairstyle and understated makeup that you desire. By calling upon an experienced hair and makeup beautician you can feel confident from top to toe in your wedding dress on your special day.

A portrait of Gemma Holiday Norfolk Hairstylist at a Norwich wedding

Your wedding day is one that will be remembered for decades in the future through social media, printed photographs and framed pictures. Having your hair in the right place and your makeup shaping your face perfectly will go a long way to making those photos shine!

a bride in her wedding makeup by Flamingo Amy

So long as you are confident to do it yourself and not worry, there is absolutely nothing wrong in choosing to do your own hair and makeup. But it will take very careful planning and practice to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the big day. My advice would be, if you are in any doubt, whatsoever, about your skills in this area, hire a professional to do your hair and makeup for you.

Ashley from Primp Powder Pout makeup artist in Cambridgeshire

I have heard horror stories (where people have done their own hair and makeup or, had a friend or, inexperienced hair and makeup artist) of updos falling and makeup running. If this is something you’d rather avoid, then read on.

Urban Decay wedding makeup

To help you make a decision during this important stage of your wedding planning, I’ve spoken to two highly regarded make-up artists and with their help have come up with the following three reasons why you should choose to hire a professional hair and makeup beautician for your wedding day:

1. A stress-free wedding morning

The morning of your wedding day should see you relaxed and care-free. Book yourself in with a local hair and makeup expert who can offer you the style you want and you’ll feel comfortable while you’re sipping on champagne with your closest friends. The cost of hiring an expert will save you time and keep your stress levels ice cold.

Primp Powder Pout wedding hairstylist

Ashley, from Primp Powder Pout, Cambridgeshire make-up and hair artist, told me,

“It’s not just about making people beautiful but providing support on what can be a nerve wracking morning. A good artist should not only be able to recreate a look that the bride and themselves have agreed on but also to be the calming influence that takes their mind off the worries they may have. Helping keep timings in place, ensuring the bridal party is enjoying themselves but also making sure everyone is keeping calm to the lead up of the ceremony.”

Norwich makeup artist, Emily from Lovemoi makeup at a wedding at Southwood Hall in Norfolk

She adds,

“The artist is one of the last people to touch the bride before she walks down the aisle. It’s an intimate job and a good artist should be able to play these two important roles in the morning.”

A Norfolk makeup artist putting the finishing touches to bridal makeup at Hautbois Hall

2. Feel amazing for the whole day

You should feel beautiful on your wedding day. Making the decision to have your hair and makeup prepared by a beautician will leave you feeling confident and assured in your dress throughout the day. This is not only from the very first steps down the aisle but until the very last dance. Professional hair will remain looking wonderful in your photographs and expertly applied makeup won’t run or fade from your face.

a Norfolk Bride on her wedding day

Gemma Holiday, award winning hairstylist in Norfolk and Suffolk, told me,

“I have heard stories of so many brides in sheer panic on the morning of their wedding when there makeup hasn’t gone right. Plus, having an experienced, professional wedding beautician can be more like having a wedding planner with you than simply a hair or makeup artist. They will make sure the morning runs smoothly and that it is super fun and relaxed. Hire someone to make your eyes pop, your skin look flawless and to help you to look and feel the best you ever have.”

Norfolk makeup artist Amanda Steed applying bridal makeup at a Norwich wedding

Ashley, a hair and makeup beautician with experience in the fashion and photographic industries, adds,

“A great hair and makeup artist can not only help create the ultimate , beautiful look that a bride has been dreaming of but they also will know how to enhance their natural beauty. Being a bride doesn’t mean piling on the makeup because it’s their wedding day, it’s about taking their natural looks and turning them into the best version on their special day.”

Flamingo Amy applying makeup to a bride at a Georgian Townhouse wedding in Norwich

3. Spoil yourself

If you’re ever going to choose a day to say, “I deserve the best hair and makeup” your wedding day is exactly that. You’ll get to guide the style of your hair, make sure it befits your dress and looks jaw-dropping from every angle. The same goes for your makeup; when do you ever treat yourself to professional makeup?

wedding makeup in Norfolk

The superior difference that a makeup artist in Norfolk can provide when applying makeup will leave you feeling amazing. Gemma Holiday, bridal hair stylist, says,

“The photographer capturing the bride, the look on their face, their smile, when they first set eyes on their groom is what everyone looks at and the moment they say, “I do” is captured in beautiful photos that last forever. Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist will ensure you are looking your absolute best on your wedding day.”

bridal hair and makeup in Norfolk

Wedding planning can be stressful but it doesn’t need to be, there are many things you can devolve to the professionals so that you can sit back and relax. That, and a plethora of other benefits that hair and makeup experts can provide, will leave you with a bank of beautiful photographs to hold dear, frame and cherish far into the future.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Norfolk or Norwich, then get in touch and I’ll happily give you my recommendations for the best hair and makeup teams to choose from in your area. Ashley and Gemma are definitely in that group!

You can find out more about your wedding photography by speaking to me today.

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