Pentney Abbey | A Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding at Pentney Abbey

Pentney Abbey is one of my favourite wedding venues in Norfolk. I was last at a Pentney Abbey Wedding in Summer 2019.

Those Augustine Monks sure knew how to make a magical wedding venue, quite some foresight! Okay, perhaps this was not their original intent and they've long since left but nonetheless, if you're looking for a wedding venue that fuses historical elegance with contemporary style, Pentney Abbey should be high on your list!

This wedding was one of a small handful of full-day weddings that I was lucky enough to photograph in 2020, a global pandemic (you might have heard about) sticking a spanner in the works for much of the rest of the year. But it would always have stood out for me. Hannah and Scott were an absolute joy to spend the day with and it was a pleasure to catch up to one of my favourite make-up artists in Emily, from Love Moi Make-Up and to meet Kelly from Salon2. It was also great to work alongside David from Rideout films.

The ceremony was especially memorable, Scott was obviously wowed as Hannah arrived at the top of the aisle. The readings really tugged at the heartstrings. There were happy tears and hugs between bride and bridesmaid during one of these. The speeches were also genuinely heartfelt and funny and the evening celebrations were a total riot, in no small part owing to the talents of the amazing Joe Ringer Band. One of my favourite photos, from this part of the day, is of Hannah and her bridesmaids downing their tequila slammers - their faces!

The venue was styled beautifully (props to the Little Lending Company and Floral Sistas) and was the perfect backdrop to proceedings.

We were also treated to some stunning evening light. Being February, it was a little chilly (total brass monkeys!) but Scott and Hannah braved it to make a few portraits before running back indoors to dance the night away.

A happy, glorious celebration - thanks to Scott and Hannah for having me along and for trusting in me. I hope you'll enjoy your wedding album for many, many years to come!

Here's a small selection from Scott and Hannah's day - enjoy!

Oxnead Hall Wedding Photography

Ruth and Nick chose Oxnead Hall, in Norfolk, to hold their wedding day. It's a stunning wedding venue.

A blustery start meant that the couple's plans for an outdoor wedding had to change and moved indoors.

Indoor or, outdoor ceremony, it mattered not at all. You could see it in their faces, as Ruth came up the aisle; just being together, in that moment, was all that mattered.

There were smiles aplenty and some dabbing away of tears as vows were exchanged.

After making things official and being showered in confetti, the newly weds and their guests made their way across the lawns and down to the stunning walled garden. There isn't a much finer setting for a drinks reception.

Amazing food and service, as ever, from the guys at Unique Norfolk Venues. It's always a good show when they're involved.

Shout outs to Flamingo Amy, on hair and make-up and to the Jackdaw Wedding Duo, accompanying the ceremony and drinks reception. Also, Ellie's Cakery for some top notch wedding cake and to Floral Sistas and the Little Lending Company with their flair for making it all look so good.

A wonderfully relaxed gathering, friends and family celebrating together with great food, drink aplenty and music from Norfolk Wedding DJ, Paul Allen (always a pleasure!).

A perfect day, here's just a few pics - enjoy!

The George Hotel Wedding

A Wedding at the George Hotel, Buckden

Louise and Marco booked me for their wedding at the George Hotel in Buckden, in large part because Louise had admired the tartan loungewear I was wearing during our call. She mentioned liking my photography too but I think the loungewear sealed the deal.

Anyway, you’re not here to learn about my tartan PJ’s (or are you?). Presumably, you’re here because you wanted to have a look at some wedding pictures. If you did come here wanting to see the tartan loungewear, you’ll have to get on a Skype call with me.

The day began with hair and makeup at the George Hotel. Louise and her sisters were in fine spirits as was Kerry, Louise’s make-up artist for the day. There was a real buzz in the air. A room full of excited bridesmaids and family all eager to help and build the excitement for the day ahead.

The wedding ceremony was held in the conservatory at the George. Louise was beaming as she made her way down the aisle ready to marry Marco.

After the ceremony, drinks were served and the wedding guests enjoyed some laid back jazz from the Blueprint Trio – highly recommended, they helped create a really great atmosphere.

We took some time to make portraits but just for a short while. This wedding was absolutely all about time with family and friends and enjoying the celebrations.

Nothing compares with his love for Louise but Marco does have a passion for the railways and the wedding breakfast was themed around the London Underground.

The speeches were fantastic and I got photos of some amazing expressions as the jokes were told.

Onto the evening, the Bride and Groom took to the dance-floor and spent their time enjoying the company of their friends and family into the small hours.

This was my first wedding at the George but glad to say, not my last. I took a booking for this venue just yesterday.

It’s an incredibly warm and welcoming wedding venue and I can’t wait to return.

I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a combination of impeccable service, fine food and good times. A day to remember -enjoy!

A Wedding at Middleton Lodge

Middleton Lodge Wedding Photography


Hannah and Adam's wedding took place at the fantastic Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire. My first time here and it didn't disappoint.

Hannah was a bridesmaid at the first wedding I ever photographed, must be 12 or more years ago!  And so joining her on the occasion of her wedding and being asked to capture it for her and Adam was really special.

A damp and cold start to the day, it was mid-Autumn after all, we got lucky later in the day as the rain cleared and the sun put in a short appearance during Hannah and Adam's portraits.

A really lovely ceremony, full of smiles, laughter and happy tears, the day flowed really easily into the wedding breakfast and on to the evening celebrations. Everyone was having so much fun, the day went by in a whirl.

Shout out to Craig for joining on second camera and to Laura and Mark (my first ever Bride and Groom) for recommending me.

Here's just a few moments from Hannah and Adam's Middleton Lodge wedding - enjoy!

A bride and groom portrait at Pentney Abbey

Pentney Abbey Wedding

Pentney Abbey was the setting for Charlotte and Sean's wedding last Summer.

I joined the bride and groom for their preparations and enjoyed the morning sharing in the excitement building up to their ceremony.

I absolutely loved how Charlotte and Sean walked back down the aisle after saying "I do". Sean looked about 10 feet tall, in fact I think he is but nonetheless, the point still stands. He was beaming with pride with his now, very beautiful, wife on his arm. The tears he shed as Charlotte came up the aisle was also pretty special. The whole ceremony was full of emotion, equal parts tears and laughter.

The whole day was so much fun, just the way the bride and groom wanted.

And the evening party got off to a bang with an absolutely amazing setlist. If I could have bottled that dance floor energy, I'm sure it would power a small township.

All in all, a wonderful day. The sun shone, the flowers were in full bloom and Pentney looked fabulous against the azure blue sky.

I'll be back in West Norfolk for another Pentney Abbey Wedding next month but for now, I'll leave you to enjoy some pics from this glorious, summer wedding - enjoy!

A bride and groom portrait at Pentney Abbey

"So I was a bit worried that I'd feel and look bit awkward or stiff on camera, however Rob made the process so easy for us, we didn't feel like we were being pushed into any poses we were uncomfortable with, it just felt natural. He caught some really colourful candid photos that really captured the day!

From the first day we met Rob you we found him so inviting and his enthusiasm was infectious! He's very friendly and was easy to get in touch with if we had any questions.

What makes Rob's photography so great is that he is not intrusive on your day allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your wedding day, safely assured that he is professionally documenting your day.

A few months later as you come down from the high of your wedding, the anticipation for your previews starts to grow, as soon as you read the email with the subject line 'Your Previews Are Ready' its just as exciting as Christmas! We were blown away by his talent and the photos we received.

If I were to recommend Rob to my best friend I'd say DO IT! You will not regret it, you'll get bubbly photographer, receive beautiful romantic portraits and stunning images that are bursting your wedding back to life so you can relive it again, and again!

Thank you so much Rob! We definitely made the right decision!"

a view of Pentney Abbey in NorfolkAmanda Steed Makeup at Pentney AbbeyA wedding at Pentney AbbeyBridal prep photos at Pentney AbbeyThe ceremony room at Pentney AbbeyGuests wait for the bride to arrive at Pentney AbbeyFloral details at a Pentney Abbey WeddingBridesmaid and groomsmen at Pentney AbbeyA grrom wipes away his tears at a Pentney Abbey Wedding ceremonyA bride reflected in a mirror at Pentney Abbey in NorfolkGroom drying his tears at Pentney AbbeyGuests at Pentney Abbey weddingA Pentney Abbey Wedding CeremonyBride and Groom laughing during their ceremonyA view of Pentney Abbey at a Summer WeddingMarry in Norfolk wedding celebrants at Pentney AbbeyGuests at Pentney Abbey weddingPentney Abbey WeddingBride and Groom walk back down the aisle at Pentney AbbeyA weding guest and the bride embrace at Pentney AbbeyA wedding breakfast at Pentney AbbeyWedding cake NorfolkWeding guests in the gardens at Pentney Abbey Wedding venueBride tosses her bouquet outside Pentney AbbeyFirst dance at Pentney AbbeyBride and Groom Portrait at Pentney AbbeyBride and Groom cut their cake at a Pentney Abbey weddingwedding guests on the dancefloorBride and Groom first dance at a Pentney Abbey weddingA crowded dance floor at Pentney Abbey

Best of 2019










…every wedding has been about best friends saying, “I do” and having a great time. The longer I have been in wedding photography, the luckier I have been at finding couples whose focus is on just that.

When I started out, I used to have a physical shot list. A piece of paper listing the images I thought I absolutely had to get. A tick box. I would agonise over taking close-up pictures of wedding rings, table decorations, dresses hung in trees. I still take these images, from time to time, (not so much the dress in the trees, they can get stained!) but those pictures are not the thing that gets me really excited about wedding photography.

One day, my head buried in a bouquet taking a close-up picture of the wedding rings, I heard laughter behind me. I wheeled around and got a, not entirely perfect but still beautiful shot of mum and daughter sharing a special moment. The penny dropped. Flowers, ring shots, table decorations all make for fine images. But not at the expense of moments. That was where my heart was.

Almost overnight, my approach to wedding photography changed. I started to concentrate on making pictures that you can look back on and be in the moment with all over again.

I like to focus on the ‘real’, on the stuff that makes you feel something. My wedding photography isn’t about trying to create moments but about capturing moments.

A little direction here and there? Yes, on occasion. But for the most part, my favourite moments come from just letting you be you. Photos captured in this way are the photos that will spark your memory and make you relive the day.

My approach, at its simplest, is looking for things that move me and making images that move you.

Quirky little moments, tears, tears of laughter, inside jokes and the real love, not the fake, posed and cheesy stuff.

The moment your veil is lifted and you see each other for the first time that day; the way your mum holds your hand on the way to the church; the way your dad lights up the first time he sees you in your wedding dress; the moment you crowdsurf your first dance, singing your favourite tune together at the top of your lungs (NB – all of those things below and more)!

The big city wedding, the small church wedding, the outdoor Summer wedding, the cosy winter wedding – no two weddings are the same. And what you see here is what I am most passionate about capturing, whatever the setting.

Almost every photographer in Norfolk, not less the UK, describes themselves as relaxed and natural. You’d think we’re all lying around naked in hammocks. I’m definitely guilty of saying it. And yes, jokes aside, I take a pretty relaxed approach but I don’t hang around on the sidelines. I’m often running on a mix of excitement, adrenaline and too much caffeine. I like to be in amongst it all though. That is where the memories are being made and that’s where I will capture them. So yes, natural but no wallflower.

I’m coming into 2020 just 3 weddings shy of my total for 2019. And so, I owe a massive thanks to those people who have booked me for this year as well as those of you who have referred me to friends and family. A massive thanks also to Craig and Emil for shooting with and assisting me. Thank you for all of your hard work and company, I really enjoyed it. To all of you, it means the world.

Now onto the photos. If you like what you see, let me know.

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While most of my weddings this year are in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, I’ll be visiting all around the UK for weddings again this year.

If you want to see a little more, you can check out how 2018 looked for me or, if you want to get in touch and talk about your wedding photography, drop me a message to 07900251549.


...on the blog!

Award Winning Documentary Photography

Wedding Photojournalist Awards

I'm a certified moment junkie! 

The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is the top International directory of reportage and documentary wedding photographers and I've been a member now for 2 years. In that time, I have totalled 11 Awards for my Documentary Wedding Photography and another 11 for my pre-wedding and engagement photography!

I don't enter the awards as often as I'd like, the deadlines passing by before I realise, especially in the Summer season. So, it was amazing news to wake up today and find out that I won 3 awards in the most recent round.

Entering these awards means my work is "…scrutinised by some of the most notable and respected working photojournalists and picture editors in the news industry", including Pulitzer Prize winning photographers!

The judges task? To award wedding photographers who “use the tools of photographic narrative to tell a couples story”, no interference, no direction, just the real moments. A few portraits aside that's just how I like to work. Of course, nothing beats hearing from my couples when they receive their wedding album but getting recognition in this way is pretty nice too!

You can click on the following links if you want to learn more about me or,  find out more about my style and approach.

From a wedding at Voewood, Milly and her bridesmaid sharing a moment during the final touches to the wedding preparations.

Charlotte's face as she threw her bouquet was hilarious. She told me later that she was worried she'd thrown it too high. Yes, it got as high as the barn roof at Pentney Abbey but I don't think you can throw a bouquet too high, always give it some welly! Currently in the process of designing an album for this wedding and I'm so pleased this made their cut!

A photo I always love to get if I'm around for it. The look on Alan's face, as he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, says it all but it's her mum's face and just to the right hand side of the frame, her bridesmaids face that made this frame for me.

If you're planning a wedding in Norfolk and you're looking for a wedding photographer, a photographer who focuses on the moments, to capture it for you, then get in touch and let's meet up!

Octagon Barn Wedding in Norwich

A winter wedding at the Octagon Barn, Norwich

Just a day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve-Eve, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the winter wedding of Araminta and James at all the The Octagon shaped buildings in Norwich – the Octagon Unitarian Chapel and the Octagon Barn! Safe to say that these guys have a weird thing going on for 8 sided buildings but I’m not judging. They made perfect venues for these wedding celebrations.

Araminta and James had been booked for ages and I was seriously excited about their wedding – not least because I was all giddy with excitement for Christmas as well!

We got really lucky with the weather on their special day, clear and crisp. Araminta used to be a wedding planner and so she’s clued up about winter wedding planning and to make the most of the light, she and James had a 12pm ceremony, giving us plenty of time to make a few portraits along Elm Hill, just a short walk from their ceremony venue.

Their ceremony was really magical, bursting with love. They were both so relaxed and it was clear for everyone to see, they were each marrying their best friend.

Over at the Octagon Barn, mulled wine and mince pies were ready for the taking and partake I did, before enjoying a wonderful afternoon of speeches, drinking, more food and dancing. This was just a short drive home for me and a wonderful end to my year in weddings – perfect!

A Norwich City Wedding at the Halls

A Wedding at the Halls and Cinema City, Dining Rooms in Norwich

This beautiful wedding at the Halls in Norwich took place last Summer. You could really feel the love for Emma and Darryl from every single person in attendance that day. I first met the happy couple at their home in Norwich with their fur baby, Hugo, who played a role in their wedding day as doggy ring bearer.

I joined the girls as they got ready at the boutique goodness that is 38 St Giles, while my good friend Craig was on second camera with boys and Hugo!

These guys love Norwich and all the city has to offer so they wanted to have a wedding in the heart of the city and the Halls is perfect for that. They had a beautiful ceremony in the Crypt, beaming the whole way through as were their proud parents, family and friends.    

From their beautiful florals to their very dapper groomsmen suits, as well as other personal touches, Emma and Darryl certainly put their stamp on the day! And there was more confetti than I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot! 

The weather, although overcast for most of the day was warm and so, after the ceremony, the wedding guests walked over the road to the Norwich Dining Rooms, at Cinema City, while Emma and Darryl took the long way around. We made a few portraits, en-route, before joining their guests for the wedding breakfast.

I was really excited to do a wedding at Cinema City and it didn't disappoint. A wonderfully intimate setting, it was all about good food, good drink and good times. This made for some lovely images of friends and family enjoying the day. 

With the evening drawing to a close, after the "cheese cake" was cut and the bouquet had been thrown and caught, Emma and Darryl took to the dance floor for their first dance - a perfect ending to their perfect day! 

A bride walks down the stairs at Bruisyard Hall

Award Winning Wedding Photography at Bruisyard Hall

Award Winning Wedding Photography at Bruisyard Hall

I bloody loved this wedding and I love it even more now.

I’m very excited to say that this amazing Bruisyard Hall wedding netted 3 awards in the most recent Wedding Photojournalist Association competition (it’s great winning these awards but that is a mouthful, isn’t it?!)

While you’re here, feel free to check out my approach to wedding photography and find out a little more about how I like to go about documenting your wedding day.