newly wed couple outside Luton Hoo

Luton Hoo Wedding Featured on Zankyou

Zankyou Weddings Feature

This gorgeous Luton Hoo wedding was featured on Zankyou Weddings at the end of last month - you can see the full blog post here or check out the feature over on Zankyou!

Kate and Laurence had the most amazing day and I can't wait to go back to Luton Hoo for another wedding soon!

An Outdoor Wedding at Godwick Hall

A Summer Wedding at Godwick Hall

WOW! This was my first time to Godwick Hall and that sense of amazement, the WOW stayed with me all day! It was the most perfect outdoor wedding venue for Lucy and Simon’s big day! Gorgeous blue skies and blazing hot sunshine made for a spectacular al fresco wedding. 

I first met Lucy and Simon to discuss their big day in December 2016! We met over coffee at the Georgian Townhouse in Norwich and I knew then that their day was going to be one to remember. I couldn't wait until August 2018 to see them again so, we hooked up in January this year, for their pre-wedding photography in Wells and so, by the time their wedding had come around, they felt like old friends. I've known them almost two years now!!! Anyone who has met them will attest to just how bloody lovely they are, their humour and good nature is infectious - just a joy to be around! 

I got to photograph this one alongside wedding videographer, Pete Henderson, another good friend and I was also alongside the talented Leanna Stibbon on make-up and  Flamingo Amy on hair, making this day extra special! 

Starting in the Farmhouse for the bridal preparations, I wandered the rooms, soaking up the atmosphere before making my way down to Godwick Great Barn where, outdoors, the hay bales and flower arch were all laid out, awaiting the wedding guests and their bride and groom!  Soon enough the Godwick tractor began to escort Lucy’s bridesmaids to the venue before collecting Lucy and her dad. At the top of the aisle, Simon waited with his brother and groomsmen, sharing jokes to keep the nerves at bay.  

A wonderful ceremony followed. The vows were amongst some of the most heartfelt I’d heard but you couldn’t see my tears for the sweat (sorry for the image) - this one was a scorcher! Wiping my brow, I continued to photograph the newlyweds and their friends and family. It was perfect weather for guests to enjoy the grounds and garden games, before taking in some shade in the barn for the wedding speeches. It was too hot to take photos of the happy couple at this point, outdoors at least and so we nipped into the bell-tent and Lucy and Simon had a little cuddle!

After the speeches and an afternoon tea, there was plenty of dancing and drinking and getting all glittered up at the Love Moi Glitter Bar (me included, see below!). This all kept the party going through until the small hours, sustained by food and amazing flavours courtesy of Christophe's Crepes - seriously good stuff! 

So many favourite memories from this day, it’s hard to pin one down. But everyone singing along to Champagne Supernova at the end of the night and Simon dipping his bride to give her kiss, to applause from everyone around them is definitely up there! 

Thanks guys for choosing me. And thanks for the good times - may there be many more to look forward to - enjoy! 

"Rob they are incredible. Took me a full 29 seconds before I became a blubbering Mess! (Simon found it a bit too funny!!) "

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Yeh, you already found me - Your Perfect Wedding Photographer! Skip to the contact page and let's do this or, if you're one of those people who likes to do their research first, read on!

I get it, you've done a Google search for wedding photographer and your eyes are bleeding from all the different websites you've looked at. There are hundreds of thousands of search results for wedding photography and it's hard to know where to start or, how to narrow that down. So, here's just a few quick tips to help you on your way:

  1. Find a Recommended Wedding Photographer 

    This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to narrow your list and save you time on your wedding planning! At least one third of the weddings I photographed in 2018 came via referral from happy (couples and) clients! Ask your friends or, seek out reviews and testimonials and see what other people thought not only of the photographs they got but the service they received!

  2. Book a Professional Wedding Photographer

    OK, so there are lots of photographers out there some are part-time, some are full-time and then some are doing the odd job here and there. How are you supposed to tell which is which from their website? Answer - you can't! It's cheap and extremely easy to set up a professional looking website in 2018. So, the only way you will know is to ask them. All of these different types of photographer could be skilled at what they do and deliver you a good set of wedding photos. But I have heard horror stories of photographers turning up to a wedding with just one camera and that camera not working! Or, even, completely flaking out under the pressure of it all. These things could happen to anyone but an experienced, professional wedding photographer is less likely than most to bring these issues to your wedding. So, whether your photographer is part-time or full-time isn't, necessarily, the issue but for your peace of mind you should ask:

    • how long have you been a wedding photographer? (I photographed my first wedding in 2006!)
    • do you have backup camera equipment? (they should have at least two cameras - I have 4!)
    • do you have insurance? (this is a must - some venues won't even let your photographer on to their premises if they are not fully insured)
  3. Find a Wedding Photographer Who Will Make You Cry...

    ...Happy tears!

OMG Rob!!! We both have tears falling down our faces, they are amazing! Wow! Thankyou soooooo much xxx

Mandy & Kyle | Langley Abbey

Find a photographer who's visual storytelling makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you want to go back to your wedding album time and time again! You want to hire a wedding photographer to capture images of your big day so that when you look back on them, in 20, 30, 40 years time, your memories become as fresh in your mind as they were just a few months after your wedding day!

Please check out some of my work and if you can see me doing that for you then, get in touch. I'm a wedding photographer in Norwich but I photograph weddings right across the UK and Europe and would love to hear about your plans!

Cambridge Wedding at Hotel Du Vin

Wedding Photography in Cambridge

It was a small and intimate gathering of friends and family for Paul and Simone's nuptials at Trumpington Church, near Cambridge. After which, the wedding guests spent the day enjoying the surroundings and exceptional food and wine that are the Hotel Du Vin's trademark!

A wonderful Cambridge Wedding venue, it was an absolute pleasure to share in - enjoy!

Just a few faves ...

Just a Few Faves ...

It's been a busy wedding season, I've been all around the UK this year with weddings in Spain and Portugal too but it's starting to slow down a little now and I'm finding some time to catch up to things. Full blog posts will have to stay on the back burner for a while as I still have editing to do for October weddings and I have weddings yet to shoot in November and December! Next year is set to be even busier by all accounts with twice as many weddings booked for next year as I had on the calendar at this same point last year! Even 2020 is starting to hot up with weddings booked as many as 700 days out!

Back to this year though and with Christmas approaching, I'll be winding down a little bit but I'm still finding time for family photography which, provides something a little different to the wedding photography.

Want to see more of my photography as the year goes by, go ahead and like Rob Dodsworth Photography on Facebook or follow me on Instagram @robdodsworthphoto

And if you're looking for a wedding photographer in Norwich and Norfolk or, elsewhere in the UK or Europe then I still have some dates for 2019 and the doors are open for 2020! Take a look around and get in touch to let me know some more about your plans and what you're looking for from your wedding photography!

To finish, here's just a small selection of photos I had handy from some of this years weddings - enjoy!

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Norfolk Wedding Planner

What's a Wedding Planner? What do they do that you can't do yourself? Do you need a wedding planner? Just some of the questions you might ask yourself as you come to planning your own wedding in Norfolk. Well, where I live in wedding world, I have a wedding planner who lives right around the corner (an award winning Wedding Planner no less - Highly Commended by the TWIA 2018)  and luckily for us she's happy to answer these questions!

Why Should you Hire a Wedding Planner?

Hi! I am Emily and I have been a freelance wedding planner in Norfolk for the last 6 years. I specialise in marquee weddings, and I love nothing more than transforming an empty field into a stunning wedding venue. Rob has asked me to explain a little
about why people should hire a wedding planner, and how beneficial it is to have a professional, experienced planner support you through your planning journey.

1. Time

Probably the most predictable reason for opting to use the services of a wedding planner is TIME. On average a wedding takes 250 hours to plan - who has that amount of free time!? When you first start to plan your wedding picking suppliers is
one of the most time consuming tasks and having an expert narrow this down and offer you suggestions will probably halve the amount of time you spend at this stage. When you first start working with your wedding planner they will get to know you
both, what your wedding dreams are, any ideas you have and their experience will quickly interpret this into a workable, achievable plan. They will know exactly what sort of suppliers you need to be searching for and with a bit of a brief they can do the
searching for you and offer you a shortlist for you to then review. Quite often when I am working with my clients, they are based abroad or out of area so they have the added benefit of having someone local who can not only streamline their research at
this stage, but I have been known to meet suppliers in person, ‘vet’ them this way on their behalf, use videos to do a tour of the venue or marquee site and work as a local ‘fixer’ for them.

When it comes to suppliers an experienced wedding planner will also know the right questions to ask and what services you need to pay for which means that not only are you saving communication time but you are also going to end up with exactly the service you require, with no unnecessary expenses. Part of this job
that I love is bringing together an amazing team of wedding pros that gel together and work in harmony to deliver the day my clients dream of and picking such suppliers can only be done with experience and masses of research.

2. Money

Closely behind saving you time is the second most popular reason and that’s to save you MONEY. A wedding planner will be able to work with you and set a realistic budget up front. This will keep you focused and targeted in what you need to pay for.
Many of my clients find it really useful having an unbiased opinion on expenditure as so often it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of ‘needing’ everything to make your day beautiful but experience is a wonderful thing and a wedding planner can
offer cost saving advice to ensure you are not overspending in areas that are simply not going to effect your day, or your guests’ experience, of your day. Beware though, as there can be hidden commissions which can inflate the prices you pay for certain
services. As a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners I do not accept commission so any cost savings I am able to negotiate get passed directly onto my clients.

3. Stress Relief

As any married person will tell you, it is STRESSFUL planning a wedding! Even the most relaxed of wedding days require thought and preparation, on top of which, there may be unforeseen circumstances that need managing on the day that without someone to step in can add to the stress. By having a more comprehensive overview of the whole day, all the details and all the logistics, a wedding planner can foresee any areas which could cause problems and contingency plan to remove any glitches and keep everything running smoothly. After all, most brides and grooms only ever plan a wedding once whereas this is our passion and business so using this expertise means you get a day that is on budget and runs how you want it to.

Wedding planners are creatives whether it be with logistical solutions to the way your day could run, or with styling options to make the most of your budget and create a beautiful, cohesive look. Working with an experienced planner will enhance your day
and your planning experience which should be fun! Having a wedding planner support you in your planning means you get to focus on the fun parts, the bits of your day that you are excited about, knowing that no detail is overlooked.

a busy dance floor at a Wedding in Suffolk, UK

If you are a really organised person by nature and love the idea of planning all the different bits of your wedding then a planner can still enhance your day, especially if you are hosting at home. Having an experienced planner to manage your wedding
day where you have done all the planning yourself gives you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly, exactly how you want it to so you can relax and enjoy your very special day with your guests. Even with the most detailed planning things
can still go wrong on the day and having a wedding planner there who can step in and handle any problems behind the scenes to keep your day flowing is a worthwhile investment.

Now while this is not an exhaustive run-down of every single area a wedding planner can help you with it hopefully gives you an idea of some of the key areas. I always love chatting about everything wedding so, if you have any questions then, please feel
free to get in touch: or check my services out at - and good luck with your plans!

Childerley Hall Wedding Photography

Cambridgeshire Wedding Photography at Childerley Hall

Elle and Sam had a Humanist wedding ceremony at Childerley Hall in the sunny Cambridgeshire countryside.

Much like most of this Summer just gone, the sun shone bright and hot but a shady orchard provided some cool shade as Elle and Sam met at the top of the aisle to say their vows. They had both written their own and they were the funniest and sweetest words I've heard. Sam's words, especially so, had their assembled friends and family dabbing at tears and laughing their heads off in equal measure. The lighting of candles, an exchange of rings and kisses and they came back down the aisle, grinning from ear to ear.

After drinks in Childerley Hall's beautiful gardens, we all headed into the barn for some incredible food from Provenance Kitchen (nom, nom!) and the speeches. A few pictures as the sunset whilst the Ceilidh band, Licence to Ceilidh, set up for some epic dance floor action. Some of the guests gave it so much, they ended up flat on their backs!

It was a wonderful day - a real joy to be a part of! I'll let Elle have the final word ...

Rob is an amazing photographer, and a total laugh. We wanted our wedding photography experience to be fun, candid, and un-intrusive, and boy did Rob deliver. The pictures are incredible, and really capture the spirit of the whole day [...] Our wedding gallery is a perfect blend of sweet, romantic pictures of Sam and I and these hilarious, vivacious pictures of our friends and family enjoying each other. You can almost feel the movement and the laughter in every shot, and so many of my new favourite pictures of people are in that gallery. Thank you so much Rob for capturing our day so perfectly, allowing us to relive it over and over, and also for contributing so much to how incredibly FUN the day was. I keep trying to think of excuses I'll have in the future to hire a photographer again. I cannot recommend enough!

Thanks to Elle and Sam for having me be a part of their celebrations, here's just a few images from their perfect day - enjoy!

A Keeper and the Dell Wedding

Rachel and Andy’s wedding was such an incredible day to be a part of, made no less so for being able to catch up to, Laurs and Matt, a bride and groom whose wedding I photographed a few years ago, as well as some of their same friends and family.

Rachel and Andy got married in an outdoor ceremony at Keeper and the Dell - an idyllic woodland setting not far from Norwich in Norfolk. They both looked absolutely amazing. Andy dressed in a sharp suit and shades and his beyond stunning bride in her Jimmy Choos - a gorgeous pair of strappy high heels - tea length wedding dress and a colourful floral headpiece perfectly matched to her bouquet!

"Thank you so much for capturing the day perfectly, it really was like having another friend at the wedding. 😊 Your amazingly shot pictures will keep the memories of our wedding alive for years to come. Anyone looking for a photographer, look no further Rob Dodsworth is a must! Xx"

The day was one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of and tradition was well and truly out the window which, is precisely what the couple had planned and hoped for! The Keeper and the Dell most certainly lends itself to that kind of vibe. Drinks were served pre-ceremony, while the Bride and Groom mingled with their guests for a good hour or so before they tied the knot. With everyone in good spirits and the sun shining bright, guests took their seats for an informal ceremony, conducted by Andy’s dad and Rachel’s brother. You can see from the photos how much fun they had with it!

After the ceremony, there was plenty more fun and games, lots more drinking and dancing to tunes by Miserable Man, who was anything but!

There were no formal speeches, receiving lines or, cake cutting, Rachel and Andy took to the balcony to thank everyone for coming but otherwise the day really was as free-wheeling as it is possible to be - the band playing late into the night as the party, I’m sure continued ’til the early hours!

A fantastic day to be able to play a part in, I was treated just like an old friend and I would not have wanted to be anywhere else.

Thanks you so, so much Rachel and Andy - wishing you all the happiness and I hope you’ll enjoy your photos for many years to come!

Godwick Hall Sneak Peek

Godwick Hall Wedding Photography

Just three from a fabulous wedding at Godwick Hall earlier this August - can't wait to blog the full set soon!

a wedding ceremony at Luton Hoo

A Summer Wedding at Luton Hoo

A gorgeous Summer Wedding at Luton Hoo

Just a few words from me today as I'm packing to go away but I couldn't leave without blogging this gorgeous wedding at Luton Hoo which took place last June, on a balmy Summer day.

Hi Rob

I just wanted to say thank you so much for shooting the day.

The photos are brilliant and exactly what we were hoping for.  It is really nice to re-live the day again and see how happy everyone was.  We couldn’t be more pleased and the only problem is choosing which one to put in the photo frame!

I loved so much about this wedding but mostly that Laurence and Kate were just so great to be around, they really couldn't have been easier to spend time with and their friends and family made me feel just as welcome on the day. The sun was shining, their guests enjoyed drinks in the courtyard and we got to spend time exploring Luton Hoo's incredible grounds. The dining was amazing as were the speeches that preceded. I loved it when Kate joined her dad to help him with his speech when he got a little choked-up! And the late evening light - just incredible. As far as weddings at Luton Hoo go, I'm pretty sure, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Huge congratulations to Kate and Laurence - I loved shooting your wedding SO much. Thanks again for choosing me to document the day. I am over the moon that you've been able to relive it through your photos - that's precisely why I do what I do!

Here's just a few of my faves and some of the fun from Kate and Laurence's amazing day - enjoy!