Norfolk Engagement Photography

A few photos from some of the pre-wedding and engagement shoots I’ve had the pleasure of this month.

Pre-wedding photography in North Norfolk

First up was Lucy and Simon, who are getting married at Godwick Hall later this year. Luckily, they’re getting married in August because our day out in Wells was just a little cold, by which, I mean, it was bloody freezing! So, we enjoyed some Fish and Chips to warm us up and sheltered from the cold in the cafe and the amusements. It was a great day out in one of my favourite parts of the North Norfolk Coast. Lucy and Simon were great fun to hang out with and I can’t wait to catch up with them again, in warmer weather, at their Godwick Hall Wedding.

Engagement Photography in North Norfolk

Later the same week, I spent the afternoon with Amie and Daniel. They’re getting married in August 2019 at Glebe Farm Barn. We spent the day at Cromer and for the second time in almost as many days, I got to eat fish and chips … again! I’ve decided that this is obligatory if you do any kind of seaside or beach pre-wedding photography with me. Another freezing cold day, I got soaked to the bone as I was wiped out by a wave! But warming up by the fire, with a hot chocolate, in the Red Lion and Amie and Daniel for company afterwards made it totally worthwhile! A really relaxed and fun couple to be around, I can’t believe I have to wait so long before I’ll get to photograph them again! I laughed non-stop and if their friends and family are anything like Amie and Daniel then their wedding at Glebe Farm Barn is going to be one heck of a party!

London Engagement Photography 

Luke and Jodie are getting married at Marylebone Town Hall and Pinewood Studios! They had their engagement photos in London. It was the one day of the week where it absolutely chucked it down all day long! I got drenched through … again but they treated me to a slap up meal where I managed to dry off and give my cameras some time to dry as well. The barmaid tried to wet us all again by spectacularly dropping our drinks from the tray on her way to our table but the food and company more than made up for having soggy socks! I love a couple who aren’t bothered by the weather, they smiled and cuddled their way through in spite of the cold and wet – loved it!

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