How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Yeh, you already found me – Your Perfect Wedding Photographer! Skip to the contact page and let’s do this or, if you’re one of those people who likes to do their research first, read on!

I get it, you’ve done a Google search for wedding photographer and your eyes are bleeding from all the different websites you’ve looked at. There are hundreds of thousands of search results for wedding photography and it’s hard to know where to start or, how to narrow that down. So, here’s just a few quick tips to help you on your way:

  1. Find a Recommended Wedding Photographer 

    This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to narrow your list and save you time on your wedding planning! At least one third of the weddings I photographed in 2018 came via referral from happy (couples and) clients! Ask your friends or, seek out reviews and testimonials and see what other people thought not only of the photographs they got but the service they received!

  2. Book a Professional Wedding Photographer

    OK, so there are lots of photographers out there some are part-time, some are full-time and then some are doing the odd job here and there. How are you supposed to tell which is which from their website? Answer – you can’t! It’s cheap and extremely easy to set up a professional looking website in 2018. So, the only way you will know is to ask them. All of these different types of photographer could be skilled at what they do and deliver you a good set of wedding photos. But I have heard horror stories of photographers turning up to a wedding with just one camera and that camera not working! Or, even, completely flaking out under the pressure of it all. These things could happen to anyone but an experienced, professional wedding photographer is less likely than most to bring these issues to your wedding. So, whether your photographer is part-time or full-time isn’t, necessarily, the issue but for your peace of mind you should ask:

    • how long have you been a wedding photographer? (I photographed my first wedding in 2006, as an assistant photographer and went solo in 2009!)
    • do you have backup camera equipment? (they should have at least two cameras – I have 4!)
    • do you have insurance? (this is a must – some venues won’t even let your photographer on to their premises if they are not fully insured)
  3. Find a Wedding Photographer Who Will Make You Cry…

    …Happy tears!

OMG Rob!!! We both have tears falling down our faces, they are amazing! Wow! Thankyou soooooo much xxx

Mandy & Kyle | Langley Abbey

Find a photographer who’s visual storytelling makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you want to go back to your wedding album time and time again! You want to hire a wedding photographer to capture images of your big day so that when you look back on them, in 20, 30, 40 years time, your memories become as fresh in your mind as they were just a few months after your wedding day!

Please check out some of my work and if you can see me doing that for you then, get in touch. I’m a wedding photographer in Norwich but I photograph weddings right across the UK and Europe and would love to hear about your plans!

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