Humanist Weddings in Norfolk

Humanist Ceremonies in Norwich & Norfolk

What is a humanist wedding?

You may have heard the news, that outdoor civil wedding and partnership ceremonies in England and Wales are set to be legalised for the first time! Previously, the only way you may have been able to enjoy an outdoors ceremony (truly outdoors, not a registered gazebo…) was with a humanist celebrant.

But an outdoors wedding isn’t the only reason you might consider a humanist wedding… you might want: 

  • a non-religious celebration that is welcoming, inclusive, and personally tailored to you, focusing on your love story and things that are important to you as a couple.
  • to include unique vows, readings, poems, music, and any rituals you choose, such as handfasting, symbolic knot-tying, or lighting a unity candle.
  • Something different from a civil or registry office ceremony. Somewhere entirely personalised to you as a couple and a ceremony anywhere that you feels is significant.
  • telling the story of your relationship in an authentic and meaningful way. 

But aside from all that, humanist ceremonies are often quoted as being the ‘most romantic wedding ceremony – the individual touches, their story, their personal vows, the setting, all tied into one amazing package.’ 

Are you considering tying the knot this way? 

Here are the things you will need to consider: 

1. The Legals

Humanists weddings enjoy legal recognition in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey – meaning it’s extremely easy to get married in one perfect, heartfelt humanist ceremony. However, currently in England, Wales, and the Isle of Man, the situation is different. You can still have a humanist wedding (as thousands of couples do) but you will need to register the marriage separately at a registry office in the days before or after your wedding. Find out more in an in-depth guide here. 

2. Finding a Celebrant

Dawn Rees, Norfolk Humanist Celebrant says “Being a Humanist celebrant is a cross between being a good listener, a thought explorer, a dream weaver, a writer and a performer”, and Lorna Smith, based in Kings Lynn, agrees “Your day is about you – your personalities, your wishes, your love, your uniqueness!” If you have specific requirements for your big day and things you’d like to include – take a look at the Humanist Ceremonies website to find celebrants local to you.

3. How much does a Humanist Celebrant cost?

Much like wedding photography, costs vary according to requirements and a humanist celebrant can generally cost anything between £450-£1200. The kind of ceremony you have planned, the length of time your ceremony will last and where in the country you are getting married will all affect the costs involved. 

4. Location, location, location

In a humanist wedding as I’ve mentioned above, you can have your ceremony literally anywhere you like. Well, as long as you have a celebrant with you! Your parents’ house, up a mountain, the beach, field or yurt – anywhere goes.

5. Personality

My favourite thing about humanist weddings? The photo opportunities are BRILLIANT. You can include all the personal touches, pets, kids, music and whatever else you have that is special to you. There are no restrictions. Let your emotions take over and make your day reflect you and your personality. Perfect. 

A bride and groom photographed by Norfolk Wedding Photographer, Rob Dodsworth, at last light at the Reading Room wedding venue near Norwich.

What do you think? Is this something you are considering? If you are and you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Norfolk, get in touch!

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