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After a conversation with a bride and groom recently, a conversation where we talked about a seeming lack of options for independent celebrants in Norfolk, I did a little digging around. Are you looking for an private registrar in Norfolk? Well, my research resulted in finding the very lovely, Lisa and Caroline of Norfolk based wedding celebrants, the Ceremony People.

wedding old hall elyAn email and a chat on the phone, we agreed that coffee, cake and a good natter about all things wedding was in order!

The first thing to say about The Ceremony People is that their ethos and their approach to weddings is absolutely focused on what you want to get out of your day and they are so full of enthusiasm for this.

  1. How did the Ceremony People come about? What’s your story?

We used to work as registrars for the local Council but after some time in this role (14 years of experience between us) we knew that there was so much more that we could offer.

One of the frustrating things about being a registrar for the council was that we didn’t really know our couples. Sometimes, we might even perform more than one ceremony in a day and as you’ll  know Rob, weddings can tend to run behind and the rushing to and from different ceremonies, meant not having the time to be a real part of a couples special day. We wouldn’t meet our couples before their big day, we were practically strangers, dropping in on them and straight out again. This way of working just wasn’t for us anymore.

Working for ourselves, for the Ceremony People, we can choose to only take on one ceremony per day. We offer a much more personal and intimate service, really getting to know a couple before their big day and helping to make it as special and as memorable as it possibly can be. It also means that we can be more flexible. When we worked as registrars, we were limited to office hours but as the Ceremony People we can help our couples outside of normal office hours and at weekends.

It’s so much nicer for us to know our couples before the wedding day and they tell us that they really appreciate being greeted by the reassuring face of someone they have gotten to know, of someone who shows a real interest in them and their plans for the wedding day.

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  1.  Why should someone choose you, a wedding celebrant, over the more traditional route of a Registrar?

People need to have their wedding registered. It’s a legal requirement but it’s a very small part of the day – the legal bit. We can help advise people how to go about this but there is so much more to a ceremony than officially signing a register.

The ceremonial aspect of a wedding makes up a large part of your wedding day and that’s where we excel. A Council Registrar has to use an approved script on your wedding day, they might add a flourish here and there but we can tailor make your ceremony around you and what you want.

There are no restrictions. We have done hand-fastening ceremonies for instance. Our ceremonies are far from standard and we and our couples can write our own scripts! We are not limited by a formal ceremony and we are very excited about all the possibilities this opens up for us and for our couples. We are really enjoying this part of our work.   

We are also enjoying much closer working relationships with other Norfolk wedding vendors including, Norfolk wedding venues and Norfolk Wedding Photographers, like yourself.

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  1.  Do you have any top tips for couples planning their weddings?

It’s a cheeky one but choose your celebrant carefully, someone who reflects you, who gets you. Choose someone who can help you deliver your vision of the day not someone else’s script or, idea of what your ceremony should be.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy your day for what it is. Don’t get hung up on every little detail, leave the coordination and planning on the day to the professionals so that you can just get on and enjoy it!

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  1.  What else is on the horizon for you both?

We’re excited to be launching a wedding hire company, the Vintage Kit Co. in the not too distant future and as the Ceremony People, we’re really excited and looking forward to some really unique weddings and really quirky wedding venues in 2018 and 2019!

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If you are looking for wedding celebrants in Norfolk or Suffolk, then you can find more details on our website – we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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