Pentney Abbey was the setting for Charlotte and Sean’s wedding last Summer.

I joined the bride and groom for their preparations and enjoyed the morning sharing in the excitement building up to their ceremony.

I absolutely loved how Charlotte and Sean walked back down the aisle after saying “I do”. Sean looked about 10 feet tall, in fact I think he is but nonetheless, the point still stands. He was beaming with pride with his now, very beautiful, wife on his arm. The tears he shed as Charlotte came up the aisle was also pretty special. The whole ceremony was full of emotion, equal parts tears and laughter.

The whole day was so much fun, just the way the bride and groom wanted.

And the evening party got off to a bang with an absolutely amazing setlist. If I could have bottled that dance floor energy, I’m sure it would power a small township.

All in all, a wonderful day. The sun shone, the flowers were in full bloom and Pentney looked fabulous against the azure blue sky.

I’ll be back in West Norfolk for another Pentney Abbey Wedding next month but for now, I’ll leave you to enjoy some pics from this glorious, summer wedding – enjoy!

A bride and groom portrait at Pentney Abbey

“So I was a bit worried that I’d feel and look bit awkward or stiff on camera, however Rob made the process so easy for us, we didn’t feel like we were being pushed into any poses we were uncomfortable with, it just felt natural. He caught some really colourful candid photos that really captured the day!

From the first day we met Rob you we found him so inviting and his enthusiasm was infectious! He’s very friendly and was easy to get in touch with if we had any questions.

What makes Rob’s photography so great is that he is not intrusive on your day allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your wedding day, safely assured that he is professionally documenting your day.

A few months later as you come down from the high of your wedding, the anticipation for your previews starts to grow, as soon as you read the email with the subject line ‘Your Previews Are Ready’ its just as exciting as Christmas! We were blown away by his talent and the photos we received.

If I were to recommend Rob to my best friend I’d say DO IT! You will not regret it, you’ll get bubbly photographer, receive beautiful romantic portraits and stunning images that are bursting your wedding back to life so you can relive it again, and again!

Thank you so much Rob! We definitely made the right decision!”

a view of Pentney Abbey in Norfolk
Amanda Steed Makeup at Pentney Abbey
A wedding at Pentney Abbey
Bridal prep photos at Pentney Abbey
The ceremony room at Pentney Abbey
Guests wait for the bride to arrive at Pentney Abbey
Floral details at a Pentney Abbey Wedding
Bridesmaid and groomsmen at Pentney Abbey
A grrom wipes away his tears at a Pentney Abbey Wedding ceremony
A bride reflected in a mirror at Pentney Abbey in Norfolk
Groom drying his tears at Pentney Abbey
Guests at Pentney Abbey wedding
A Pentney Abbey Wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom laughing during their ceremony
A view of Pentney Abbey at a Summer Wedding
Marry in Norfolk wedding celebrants at Pentney Abbey
Guests at Pentney Abbey wedding
Pentney Abbey Wedding
Bride and Groom walk back down the aisle at Pentney Abbey
A weding guest and the bride embrace at Pentney Abbey
A wedding breakfast at Pentney Abbey
Wedding cake Norfolk
Weding guests in the gardens at Pentney Abbey Wedding venue
Bride tosses her bouquet outside Pentney Abbey
First dance at Pentney Abbey
Bride and Groom Portrait at Pentney Abbey
Bride and Groom cut their cake at a Pentney Abbey wedding
wedding guests on the dancefloor
Bride and Groom first dance at a Pentney Abbey wedding
A crowded dance floor at Pentney Abbey

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