The London Wedding of Anna & Tom at Ten Trinity Square and Trinity House, London

Anna and Tom were married at Trinity House in London last June at a fabulous and very emotional ceremony. I’ll be blogging their wedding in the not too distant future but for now I wanted to share this frame taken at The Four Seasons’ new London hotel at Ten Trinity Square, right across from the Tower of London.

Anna and Tom were staying at the hotel and so I wanted to capture it in an image for them. It’s an absolutely incredible building, inside and out and has only recently been restored. The Corinthian Pillars, soaring into the sky, immediately caught my eye and so I asked them to stand on the steps, between the pillars and just hold each other. They did not need any more posing or directing than that – total naturals! I was adjusting my exposure and thinking about how best to frame the couple when I heard a taxi honk his horn at me to get out of the road. Jumping back onto the pavement, my immediate afterthought was not “Phew…that was a close one!” but “This would make a cracking frame!”. And so quick thinking and somewhat quicker reflexes, I raised my camera to my eye and fired of 3-4 photos.  This was my favourite from the set. The newlywed couple, at their London wedding, framed in the windscreen of a classic London taxi! A little experience and a good dose of luck and this is the result – one of my favourite frames from the year so far – enjoy!

If you’d like to see more from Anna & Tom’s celebrations then click the link for their Trinity House wedding! 

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