I was really excited when Alice and Laurence booked me to be the photographer for their wedding at Voewood House. Voewood had been on my bucket list for a little while.

Laurence and Alice both work in creative industries and it’s easy to see why they were drawn to Voewood for their wedding. It’s an extremely cool and charismatic venue, nestled away on the outskirts of Holt in North Norfolk. It’s an arts and crafts treasure trove and a place with so many nooks and crannies that you could spend weeks playing hide and seek and still find somewhere new to explore. A more sunning backdrop to a wedding in North Norfolk is hard to find.

The entire day was spent at Voewood from the preparations, with the lovely Paula and Michelle from Amanda Steed Bridal Hair and Make-Up, to the evening celebrations. There was no rushing about whatsoever, making for an incredibly relaxed vibe to the proceedings!

After the ceremony, Laurence and Alice joined me for a short while to make some portraits of the two of them. They were total naturals!

A day packed with fun and laughter, Laurence and Alice and their friends and family were beautiful company to spend the day with. Everybody made the most of the beautiful weather, spending a long afternoon on the lawn, partaking in some classic garden games and some amazing BBQ from the guys at the Smoking Beetle.

After some cracking speeches back in the house and a fish and chip supper (I was seriously well fed!) the evening celebrations were kicked off by the The Top Bananas who were … urrm …. absolutely top banana. It’s been too long since I saw a conga at a wedding (a sentence I never thought I’d write) but they are without a doubt some of the most unique performers I’ve ever seen at a wedding!

I’m looking forward to returning for more Voewood Wedding Photography again in 2017 but for now, here are some of my faves from Laurence and Alice’s incredible day. Thanks to you both for having me guys – enjoy!

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