Wedding Photography at Sussex Barn, North Norfolk

Polly and Alex were married at Sussex Barn in North Norfolk. It was the second trip there for me in as many months, having photographed another wedding at Sussex Barn in September.

The morning began with the girls getting ready at the White House. The atmosphere was relaxed when I first arrived but people soon began busying around as the ceremony drew nearer. I spent my time between bridal preparations and the guests arriving to greet Alex at Sussex Barn, before Polly alighted a sidecar with her dad and were driven by a Yamaha XJ650 (I’m told the one that appeared in Never Say Never Again – although Q has since removed its capability to fire rockets) to join Alex at the top of the aisle.

Polly and Alex could hardly take their eyes of one another all day and there were some really tender and loving moments during their ceremony.

After some wonderful speeches, the newlyweds were surprised by a number of their guests joining together to form a choir and sing to them. Later on, they were serenaded by Polly’s best friend as they took to the floor for their first dance. Polly and Alex told me that friends and family having a good time was key to their day and they booked me because they wanted informal candids of them enjoying themselves. The day was full of genuinely beautiful and heartfelt moments – it was really lovely to see how much their friends and family cared about them and how much they wanted to make their day extra special. I might have had a lump or two in my throat!

It was a grey, wet and dull day outside but far from a dull wedding – it was full of the warmth and love of their friends and family. I am so pleased to have been able to play my part in their celebrations. Thank you Polly and Alex for choosing me to capture it – enjoy!

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