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Hi, I’m Rob. A wedding photographer in Norfolk

… but let’s start with you!

For those who live for the little moments

What do you want your day to be all about?

Large or small, I vote for excitement, laughs so loud and hard they make you cry from joy, and a day that feels like unwrapping a gift.

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You’ve probably trawled through 101 wedding photographer sites and Instagram feeds so, I’m guessing, wedding photography is important to you.

Fantastic, it’s important to me too.

So, get a drink and your favourite biscuits. Take some time out and let’s get acquainted.

If what you see here makes you, even a little bit, excited to know more, get in touch and I’ll shout you a coffee and help you eat those biscuits.

Your Norfolk wedding photographer

OK, if you insist, a bit more about me!

I’m a full-time, professional, wedding photographer in Norfolk, living under the beautiful big skies of the Norfolk broads.

If you’re here, then you are looking for a photographer who takes an authentic, candid approach to your wedding photography.

A bride and groom at sunset in Norfolk.

If someone sent you my way, it’s because you are looking for a wedding photographer driven to capture the REAL you.

And if they know me, they should have told you, I will eat mounds of your wedding cake and hoover your canapés – fair warning!

I photograph weddings and events in Norwich and throughout the UK, special family memories and small businesses and brands.

When I put my cameras away, it’s usually to spend time with my wife and two fun-loving children, at home, near Norwich.

A bride and groom during their first dance at the Halls in Norwich, Norfolk

Short on time?


OK, here goes …

  • Fun, vibrant wedding photography in Norfolk for people who like each other LOTS! Capturing the smiles, laughter, beauty and emotion as they happen.
  • 200+ weddings photographed, award winning, enthusiastic and committed to telling the real story of your day!
  • You’re looking for minimal intrusion and fuss. A few group shots, perhaps, but not standing around for hours when 15-20 minutes will do.
  • You’re all about having one big party, celebrating your love for each other, with the people that matter most – fun, joy, good food, good drink, bad dancing and making memories to last a lifetime.

Sounds like you? You know it does!

If you are as excited about your wedding day as I am about being a part of it, tell me more.

“…before looking I was nervous incase there weren’t any I loved but looking through the entire reel I was beaming. You captured the day so perfectly and the pictures are really beautifully taken and edited. I am absolutely thrilled…”

Natalie + James

The ones you love

What is the purpose of photography?

For me, it’s about the buzz I get capturing the little moments between you and your friends and family.

For you, maybe it’s preserving the memory of your most important relationships.

Our lives find meaning in the love we share with each other, so my goal is to show that to you on the most important day of your life.

A moment junkie

I live for the little moments.

I’m a moment junkie, a seeker of small happenings, of love and connection.

I want every photo to hold the vibrancy of the moment.

I want you to hold your photos and feel every detail of your day like it was happening all over again.

I want your photos to make you smile so much your cheeks hurt!

A groom removes the brides veil as they marry at a Norfolk barn wedding.
Wedding speeches at the Octagon Barn near Norwich, Norfolk

“Rob they are incredible. Took me a full 29 seconds before I became a blubbering mess”

Lucy & Simon

Featured On

“Rob’s style feels exceptionally authentic and as if he simply blended in to the day. A perfect choice if you don’t want overly posed images”

Phoebe (Editor – So You’re Getting Married)
A bride and groom on the dance floor at a Suffolk wedding

Photos are what is left to remember it all

There’s two things leftover after your wedding day: your memories and your photos. One lives in you, the other can live for generations. 

Your wedding photos are the investment you’re making to keep those memories alive long after you say “I do.”

“We are so glad we found you and that you were able to be part of our special day. Thank you so much. You have given us a gift we can truly treasure”

Georgina & Alex

Pre-wedding & engagement photography

Can’t wait until the wedding to get some photos of the two of you? I’ve got you covered.

We’ll grab some coffee, chat about your wedding plans and then go wherever takes your fancy.

Maybe where you first met or, got engaged.

Perhaps your favourite cafe or, simply, a walk along the coast together.

Whatever you choose, we’ll make images for you to treasure.

An engaged couple kissing on a North Norfolk beach as the fishermen return home
A wedding portrait of a bride and groom at a wedding in Suffolk

All the small things

2020 put smaller weddings firmly on the map!

If you’re planning a micro-wedding or elopement in Norfolk or further afield and if photography is important to you then…

…big or small, I’ll be there to make sure I capture all your joy and excitement, candidly, naturally.

Getting away from it all?

My heart is firmly in Norfolk but I am partial to a destination wedding, every once in a while!

Going abroad for your wedding?

Wherever you need me, I’ll be there, camera poised and at the ready!

A bride and groom at a destination wedding in Mallorca

Rob!! Words can’t express how beyond happy we are with our photographs! I have become emotional more than once & we cannot stop looking at them! They are perfect, more than we could ever have dreamed of; we are so so over the moon! Thank you so much for all your hard work on the day and since! Eternally grateful.

Becky & James
An exterior shot of Norfolk Wedding Venue, Voewood, near Holt, north Norfolk.

Hot tips on local venues

I’ve been to (nearly) all the venues in town so, feel free to ask my thoughts on them.

If you’re just starting out on the whole wedding planning thing, and you’re keeping it local, take a look at some of these Norfolk Wedding Venues to get you started.

Let’s celebrate

So, if you’re as excited about your wedding photography as I am about capturing your day.

If your wedding day is all about fun, about the joy and excitement of celebrating with your family and friends.

If the details matter but it’s not about checklists or, perfection wrapped up in a big white bow but about the two of you, and having a great time with everyone you love, then we’ll get along!

A bride and groom celebrate during the wedding breakfast at Voewood wedding venue in Norfolk.
A same-sex wedding in Norfolk

You’ll like working with me if…

  • You are looking for a style and approach that is fun and relaxed, creatively capturing photos that tell your real story.
  • You want authenticity. You’re looking for a moment seeker. You don’t want to be told what to do, how to act, or pose but you might like a little direction, here and there.
  • You love the power of photography to freeze a moment in time. You want pictures, of your cake (before I tuck in!),  your flowers and those other little but important details. But it’s the quirky, in-between moments, the things you might have been a part of but didn’t get a chance to stop and to notice that you really want to see in your wedding album!
  • You’re looking for a photographer who accepts all definitions of love between consenting adults. I strongly support LGBTQ+ weddings. Love is love!
  • More than anything else you value having a good time. The details matter but you don’t care so much about formalities or having all the “things” – you just want to have an amazing time, celebrating your love for each other, with your favourite people.
  • You serve fruitcake. I love fruitcake! Do you love fruitcake? Honestly, if my wife would allow me to accept payment in fruitcake, I would. Unfortunately she’s all like, “Rob, the electricity company sent back the last batch of fruitcakes and said they will only accept money! You need to ask your clients for money!” Only joking, I’d never give cake away!

If this sounds like you, then grab a mug of your favourite and let’s talk!

Want to see even more about my style and approach. Click below!

A bride and groom photographed by Norfolk Wedding Photographer, Rob Dodsworth, at last light at the Reading Room wedding venue near Norwich.
A black and white portrait of a bride and groom at Oxnead Hall near Aylsham
wedding bouquets and bridesmaids at Voewood near Holt.


Your BIG day

Your entire day – from the excitement of your preparations through your first dance and into your evening celebrations!

the SHORT & sweet

From your bridal preparations to your wedding breakfast or, from your ceremony to the first dance.

all the SMALL things

Micro-wedding & Elopement photography – for those planning to keep it low-key – from £795


A great way to get to know each other, have some fun and get some photos for you ahead of the big day!

No two couples or, wedding day is ever the same. My approach to your wedding photography is just as unique as you are. Please contact me for a full quotation and to check my availability for your date.

A bride and groom showered with confetti at Norwich wedding venue, the Halls.

We’re in, let’s book!

I book up quickly for the year ahead. The Summer months often going first.

As of October 2021 I have just 2 Saturday dates left available between June-September 2022. 

Bookings for 2023 are now open.

So, please contact me to talk about availability, and of course, ask me any questions you might have.

Most people tend to keep their questions wedding photography related, but I maintain, questions about life, the universe and everything are sometimes worth pondering with new clients and also, what kind of wedding cake you should have (I like fruit cake – just saying).

Let’s capture your wedding story

“You caught us in a very us way”

Dominique & Terry

This is precisely my aim- capturing you, being you, together, on one of the happiest days of your life.

Relax and enjoy your wedding day.

I won’t ask you to do cheesy poses but I will be there to capture your day – the smiles, laughter, beauty and emotion – as it happened.

A bride waits outside Thorpe St Andrew church in Norwich, with her father, before walking down the aisle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many images will we get?

This depends on a few things – how long your day is, how many guests you have and how hard you hit the dance floor but usually between 450-500 images, each one individually edited by yours truly and available for you to print to your hearts content.

2. Can we get an album?

Absolutely, I’d recommend it. Better than a USB gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Feel free to get in touch and I can talk you through the options. If you’d prefer to make your own book then I offer a digital only option.

3. Do you work with someone else?

A second photographer is available if you need it but in most situations, it’s not really necessary. I have photographed weddings, by myself, with 200 guests present. I’ll happily advise you if it’s something you really need.

4. Can we meet you before we book?

Yes, absolutely. I’m based in Norwich. A lot of my bookings come from outside of Norfolk and so, in that case, it’s often easier to Zoom but if you are based in Norwich, then it isn’t short of places to grab a coffee or, a cheeky Vimto!  My weekend availability is limited and so, weekday meetings are the norm but get in touch and we’ll get something in the diary that works for you!

5. What is your style of wedding photography?

I try to be a fly on the wall but my hygiene is better! I don’t come with a fixed idea of what your wedding should be but instead, I work hard to create images that reflect your day. It’s about real moments between people, limited direction and letting you enjoy the day. Do you want to know more? Then this page all about my style of photography might be handy!

6. I feel awkward posing for the camera!

That’s normal. It’s nice to get some portraits on your wedding day but I’ll take my lead from you. I love working with couples who want to relax and enjoy their wedding day. Even when I take your portraits it’s often as simple as letting you enjoy a few, quiet, moments together, while I capture some discrete, candid images to help you remember it by. My approach is as relaxed as you are, with just a little nod to formality. You might not want those group shots right now but guaranteed, your mum will and I aim to keep her happy too!

7. Will you travel for our wedding?

Absolutely, I’m a Norfolk Wedding Photographer but I regularly travel throughout the UK for weddings and have photographed weddings as far away as Portugal and Mallorca!

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