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The days you’re living are as real as it gets. They are comprised of thousands of little moments: some hard, some easy, some fun. But they are all full of heart and meaning.

And as your kids grow, your routines and relationships might change, but the love between you all doesn’t. It strengthens with each experience, challenge, and memory. And it’s worth documenting. 

Rob was our wedding photographer and provided us with the best memories we could ever ask for from our day. We are always complimented on our wedding photos! So, when we had our first baby there was no doubt that we wanted to have a family photography shoot with Rob. He came to our house and we just went about our normal activities, feeding, reading, playing! The photos Rob managed to get, just from a normal day in our life, are so gorgeous. They really just represent us as a family and captured such precious moments. I couldn’t recommend having him enough as your photographer for either your wedding or as a family photographer. The natural photos are simply stunning and ones we will treasure forever. Thank you Rob, you’re the best!!!

Lucy & Elliott

Family photos that tell the real story

I think we all tend to think of our lives as ordinary. And it can feel that way: between the nappy changes, the 7,000 daily snacks, and the never-ending homework sessions.

It’s the way you do these ordinary things that makes your family anything but. I want to give you photos of your (im)perfect, (extra)ordinary life.

Do you want to remember simply what you all look like, smiling at the camera, or how this moment in time really feels?

Do you want your memories of only the big events documented or the small ones like eating breakfast together every morning? 

Do you want your photos to show where you lived or how you lived?

Photos shouldn’t be about the perfect pose or the perfect outfit. They are about you and your life and how that really feels.

“We have worked with Rob for years as a family and recently Rob has done a fabulous job taking work photographs too. He is a wonderful person to work with, and the result has always been beyond expectations. I would definitely recommend.”


Documentary photography helps us remember

Having kids can make it feel like time moves unbelievably slow and fast all at the same time. What do they say? The days are long but the years are short? Ain’t that the truth.

We can’t stop time or freeze a season in which our kids are particularly cute or fun (and also frustrating and covering things in chocolate and pen and sometimes weird, green, unidentifiable liquids). But we can make sure the photos we take remind us of it forever. By “we”, I mean “I”. You need to be in these photos too, not on the other side of the camera! 

My photos will capture the way your life feels, so you can look at them decades from now and instantly remember it all: the meaning, the moments, the story you were all writing, and the love you all shared along the way.

A child refuses to let their mum apply sun screen

“Rob is wonderful – both as a photographer and as a human being. Very warm and inviting – our session with him felt like we were spending time with an old friend. And our kids adored him. It was such a relaxed, enjoyable experience. I can’t recommend Rob enough. And our pictures are gorgeous – he captured the spirit of our children so well. Can’t wait to hire Rob again for future family photos.”


Let’s capture your family story now

This is family photography for your big life events, the day-to-day routine and the in-between, the blink and you’ll miss them moments.

Yes, the years fly by but you can capture them in your family photos. So, quiet the excuses, live in the moment, make memories and allow yourself to enjoy your family while I capture it for you.

Because, a year from now, you’ll wish you had photographs of today.

A child salivates over breakfast pastries in a family photo by Rob Dodsworth Photography

“Holy Macaroni! 
Rob, the ‘teaser’ gallery is simply jaw dropping. We all can’t stop watching the slideshow – you’ve captured our life in the Warren so beautifully and we can’t thank you enough. Really, we feel all warm and fuzzy right now. Can not wait to see the rest, in fact we can’t believe there is more. You seem to have captured shots, that we didn’t even know you were photographing… amazing!”



Happy Hour…

…and a half!

Prices start from £245 (Mon-Fri), £295 (Sat-Sun)
A 1.5 hour shoot. Take me to your favorite place  — the beach, the woods, or even just playing in the garden.

I’ll bring my camera to show you what a great job you’re doing raising your little humans.


Your memories are worth having.

Prices start from £295 (Mon-Fri)  £395 (Sat-Sun)

Pancakes for breakfast, getting ready for the day, swimming lessons/the park/Grandma’s house/baking cupcakes etc Maybe, we’re going on a bear hunt! You name it, I want to photograph it.

A day in our life

This is for all the marbles.

Prices start from £745 (Mon-Fri) £895 (Sat-Sun)

We’ll have all day together! From the time your little ones jump out of bed until it’s time to put them back in it, you do an incredible amount of parenting and loving — I want to show you how amazing it all looks.

Blink and You’ll Miss it…

Or, maybe not!

Bespoke – Please enquire for more details.

This is the ultimate alternative to selfies and snap shots. We will get together 4 times over a year, combining a selection of family photo-shoots to suit you, your family, your life — your story. 

For larger family groups (6+) please enquire for a bespoke quote

A Family Photojournalist Award (FPJA) winning documentary photographer in Norfolk, let’s talk!

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