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Every family has a story. A story that is so much more than milestone birthdays, the first day at school, births and marriages! It’s a story made up of hundreds & thousands of little every day things. The things we often don’t notice. When I originally put the copy together for my family photography, back in 2012, I wrote:

“My beautiful baby girl is just over a year old now but in that short time, as good as my memory is, if it wasn’t for our photographs to look back on, I’m not sure I would be able to recall all those ever so precious moments.”

Documentary Family Photography in Norfolk

Well my “baby” girl is 6 now and her brother will soon turn 2! There are so many memories (and this is a very short list):

  • the first wobbly steps
  • the first tooth to fall out
  • kissing that first grazed knee better
  • the “poonami” nappies
  • the bedtimes stories and the lullabies
  • making dens out of boxes and tents under the bed clothes
  • and PANTS ON YOUR HEAD Sundays!

Black and white photograph of children playing in boxes by Norfolk Family photographer Rob Dodsworth

Some of these things happened pre-kids (see bulletpoint 7). Some of these things don’t happen anymore, for which, I’m quite thankful (see bulletpoint 4). But in others, when I realise they’ve stopped happening, it hits me hard. Like lullabies I was singing one night, to a baby girl that suddenly, I just didn’t anymore.

Documentary Family Photography

While I have always been passionate about the power of photography to freeze a moment in time, having a family of my own and so many memories to capture has really brought this home to me. I’m passionate about photography because I get a real buzz capturing special moments like these, memories that we all want to treasure.

Family photography of a young boy surprised by a dog licking his face.

It’s important that not only the milestones but also day-to-day life and those things that you cherish most, are captured in a way that allows you to share them with your friends and family.  It’s not just about perfect family portraits, I’m talking about REAL moments – the messy breakfast times, the chaotic bedtimes, chasing your baby boy across the landing, mid-nappy change, before he pees all over the carpet and uses you as a climbing frame while you scrub the floor (more than once!). These messy, imperfect, even mundane happenings will come to hold so much meaning and magic when you look back!

Norfolk family photography of a child watching a rainbow form

Now there’s no way you can capture every single moment in a photograph, camera phone’s are great but sometimes you need to put the camera away and just be in that moment. All of these little things that are part of our every day, will, one day, be gone! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about having children, it is that time seems to move, at least, twice as fast (and you get about three times less sleep).  While you can’t stop the clock or, turn back time, looking through photographs helps to trigger these memories, connects us to each other and helps us to remember our family story.

If you found this page, then you’re looking for someone to capture your family’s story. And if that’s the case, then I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch on the form below.

“On the one hand, our children are the most photographed in history with more than 52 million snaps uploaded on Instagram globally every day and  350 million to Facebook.

Yet many are rarely looked at again […] only 23 per cent of photos taken end up in a traditional album […] And an estimated 631 million photographs each year, around a third of the total taken, will remain forever on accounts to which we’ve forgotten the passwords, or on obsolete hard drives, making them inaccessible to us and future generations.”

Telegraph, November 2017

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