Why You Should Hire a Live Band For Your Wedding 

Music for your wedding

Wedding Band or DJ?

When you’re planning your wedding day, choosing whether to hire a DJ or opt for a live band can be crucial. The average cost of a UK wedding is more than £30,000, so it is important to spend your money wisely. Let’s explore why choosing a live band can be the right choice for you. 

Create the ideal ambience 

Live bands create a party atmosphere: they’re full of energy, excitement and positivity which are all essential characteristics for your big day. They can set the tone throughout your wedding reception – transforming it from romantic and loving as you have your first dance with your spouse, to fun and lively as your guests party away to renditions of their favourite tunes. 

A more personalised experience 

While DJs can play songs that you know and love, a live band can sing the songs you like in a way that is personal to you. For example, they can create a different arrangement of certain songs or make your first dance even more romantic by slowing down your favourite tune to a speed that harmonises perfectly with that special moment. 

Visuals bring an event to life 

Music can be a holistic experience when you have a live band at your wedding. This is because you are not only hearing the melodies and the lyrics, you and your guests are also seeing the band performing. What’s more, a band can really liven up the atmosphere of the evening and get your guests involved in singing and dancing along with them. Some live bands will even include the use of special effects or pyrotechnics to make the night even more spectacular. 

Make lasting memories 

Your wedding day is one that will remain beautifully emblazoned in your memories for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is really important to make it the perfect day. Having a live band singing at your wedding is the ideal way to ensure that you enjoy an exceptional experience that is tailored to your personal desires. 

Many bands also offer DJ services 

Alongside the live music, some bands also facilitate a DJ service too – which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This can imbue your reception with some variety and spice up the evening with a different style of music. While not every band provides this option, it is definitely worth enquiring to see if any of your favourite bands offer this for a small fee. 

There are bands for every budget 

One of the great things about hiring a live band is that you will be able to find one to suit your budget. To ensure you hire the right band and don’t overspend, bear in mind that larger groups will usually be more expensive than smaller ones as you tend to pay per musician. 

Hiring a live band for your wedding can bring your event to life. Live music holds a special place in most people’s hearts because it creates an unforgettable sensory experience. Your band can play the songs you love as you spend your first evening together as a married couple, creating memories that will last forever. 

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