The Beatrice Octavia Iris Brighter Future Fund

A couple of months ago, I was honoured to have been asked to take some pictures of a very loving and very brave family. I have struggled to find the words for this blog piece but amazingly, given everything, Beatrice's mummy has done this for me. I urge you to read her words below and if you can, please give whatever you can to Beatrice's Brighter Future Fund. As much as I have struggled to know what to say, I am so very pleased to have met Beatrice and to have spent this time with her and her family.

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Our little girl Beatrice became unwell on 10 January, aged six weeks. She was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy, a rare heart disease. Her prognosis was poor, and as a family we were devastated. We vowed to create as many happy memories as we could, and Rob helped us achieve one of the brightest.

On the final day we had at home in Norwich with Beatrice, we enjoyed an afternoon in our beloved Eaton Park. Splashing around in the puddles, we were able to forget sadness and embrace happiness, enjoying each other and our beautiful Beatrice. Rob captured our fun perfectly, and the photos he produced, and the memories created, are now ours to treasure forever (and our son Elliott made a new best friend).

Sadly, Beatrice's heart was failing rapidly, and hours after Rob's photos were taken she became critically unwell, requiring ventilation and emergency support from Southampton's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. We then spent six weeks at Great Ormond Street Hospital, watching our brave girl cling to life with everything she had.

Ultimately, her only option was a heart transplant, but we knew her chances were slim. She was top of the UK heart transplant list. She continued to fight, but tragically the mountain became too steep for her broken heart and tiny, frail body. She passed peacefully from this world on 24 February, aged 12 weeks.

In her short life, Beatrice achieved more than most can hope to in their lifetimes: she inspired people to register as organ donors, give blood, and simply appreciate the fragility of life and love. To date, she has raised over £4,000 for GOSH. Whilst we, as a family, are lost, never to be the same, we will be forever inspired by the love Beatrice gave and received.

We are eternally grateful to Rob for that wonderful afternoon; his photos captured Beatrice perfectly - they are the most precious of memories from our family's last 'normal' afternoon. Photos and memories are all we have now, but every time we look at Rob's work we will smile, and that is priceless.

The legacy of our amazing, flame-haired baby girl will live on with The Beatrice Octavia Iris Smith Brighter Future Fund, raising money for a heart and lung bypass machine at GOSH. Please give, if you can. It will help to ensure that others like Beatrice are given a chance at life. GOSH is an exceptional hospital full of exceptional people, and every pound and penny makes a profound difference.

Leigh (Beatrice's Mummy)



Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-1

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-2

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-3

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-4

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-5

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-6

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-7

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-8

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-9

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-10

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-11

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-12

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-13

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-14

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-15

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-16

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-17

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-1-2

By Rob Dodsworth


Norwich Family Photography

A few frames from a lovely afternoon spent photographing the Smith family at Eaton Park in Norwich a couple of weeks ago. The family have a new addition, the beautiful Beatrice and wanted to celebrate and capture some special memories with a family shoot at their favourite Norwich park. More to follow soon!

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-5

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-4

Rob Dodsworth Photography 2014-Family Photography-9

By Rob Dodsworth



Diamond Wedding Anniversary | Norwich Photography

Family Photographer

When Jenny got in touch & asked me to photograph her parents Wedding Anniversary, at her home just outside of Norwich, I couldn’t wait.  It was to be a surprise present to them both.  I love surprises and presents, so we were off to a good start! And this wasn't just any anniversary, this was a celebration of 60 years together - John and Jean's Diamond Wedding Anniversary!  Jenny liked my style of photography & wanted me to capture some candid family photography of guests at the Anniversary Party but equally, she asked me to take some memorable portraits of her parents together.  Such a sweet, thoughtful and unique idea, Jenny was obviously very excited about the forthcoming celebrations & even though I had some plans that weekend, a quick rearrangement made in the diary & I was good to go.

Jenny had given me a heads-up, suggesting to me that her mum might be a little camera shy & that I could have my work cut out for me.  But I thought, if her mum and dad were even half as enthusiastic as Jenny, then I couldn’t wait to spend some time with this very special couple!  In the event, John & Jean couldn’t have been easier to work with.  They didn’t even need to try.  To the naked eye, it was clear, from the off, this was a couple clearly very much in love, when I turned the camera on them, a truly relaxed & natural set of images resulted.  The most minimal of direction from me & I was able to capture a whole series of photographs that I know John, Jean and their family will be able to treasure for years to come.

These two were beyond fantastic, a true 'Diamond' couple & I couldn’t have hoped for a sweeter shoot.  In addition, I got to photograph Jean with her bridesmaids, two of whom are also her sisters.  Photographing Brides & their Bridesmaids is always good fun but these girls put as much into the photographs as if it were the wedding day all over again & they have some of the best smiles going. While wedding fashions & the style of wedding photography today, may be quite far removed from that John & Jean experienced on their wedding day, 60 years ago, some things do not change, the love and emotion, the sharing & celebration of these special moments with friends & family is really what a wedding is all about!  And so too was this wedding anniversary.

Throughout my photography, I endeavour to tell a story and capturing a couple on their wedding day is one of the greatest stories I have the privilege of playing a part in!  This couple’s particular story is of serious relevance to all the bride and grooms out there, a story of love, devotion & longevity, of patience and understanding.  Essentially, it is a story about living well, laughing often & loving much.  If you like this story & want to know more about my photography, then do get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your story.  Enjoy!

















































Norfolk Family Photography | Lifestyle Photographer

Late last month, I got together with the de Vrijer family for some family photography in North Norfolk.  Henriette is a Violin teacher, who had originally contacted me about commercial photography but her children, knowing that she liked my work, got together and booked me for family lifestyle photography to celebrate their mum's birthday.  The family chose to visit the Holkham Hall estate and we enjoyed a couple of hours walking around the park before the most beautiful sunset finished off the day.  Here's just a few photographs from that afternoon for you to enjoy.

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Norfolk Family Lifestyle Photography - Felbrigg Hall, North Norfolk | Francis Family

Family Photography

I joined Lucy and Martyn last Autumn for a fun couple of hours on some family photography in North Norfolk at Felbrigg Hall (also a great venue for weddings, if you're a fan of Country Houses!) in North Norfolk.  Their boys had a great time running around the park, climbing trees and generally making mischief.  Coffee and Cake at the National Trust café were a must after all the energy burned up and the kids had some too!

I can't help but smile when I look at these images!  I hope you enjoy them too.  Do let me know what you think.

















Norfolk | Suffolk | Cambridgeshire | UK - Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Welcome to the first post on my new blog, a new home for my Wedding and Lifestyle Photography.  I am a Norfolk Wedding Photographer and Family Photographer but I work right across the UK.

I have been posting my photography in various different ways over the past few years but with the launch of my new website, I can finally host a blog of my own! To kick things off, I thought I’d share photography from my personal archive, taken in Cambridgeshire just a few weeks ago.  These are photographs of my own family, 3 generations thereof, having recently become a dad.

My beautiful baby girl is just over a year old now but in that short time, as good as my memory is, if it wasn’t for the photographs to look back on, I’m not sure I would be able to recall all those ever so precious memories. While I have always been passionate about the power of photography to freeze a moment in time, having a family of my own and so many memories to capture has really brought this home to me. I’m passionate about my photography because I get a real buzz capturing special moments like these.

Your family will experience many happy milestones together but these special times often go undocumented.  One thing I have learnt about having children is that time passes, at least, twice as fast (& you get five times as little sleep!). While you can't stop the clock, or, turn back time, hiring a professional photographer to undertake a family lifestyle shoot, can help you capture these memories so you can enjoy looking back on them for years to come.

You might have thought the only way to have a professional portrait taken is to stand in front of a big set of lights in a studio. Trust me, it isn't & as much as I love looking back on photographs of myself as a child, that cheesy studio backdrop always makes me cringe! Who wants to sit in a studio, when you can go to the beach, hang out at the park, or, go for a walk in the woods, kicking leaves & splashing about in puddles? Hey, the kids might even enjoy it too!

A lifestyle shoot gives you a great deal of choice over where your photographer takes your family's photographs. It allows so many more creative opportunities to shoot your story, your style. Creative studio work can be cool but for me, at least, it can't match having fun outdoors!

If you're worried about what to wear on an outdoor shoot there's no need to be. While camouflage gear is not advisable, so long as you wear something that you feel comfortable in and try to avoid anything with large logos, or, motifs, you'll be okay. Small detailed prints are fine and bold, bright colours work well. Some stripes can work but be careful when choosing them.

Family lifestyle photography is all about you and your family, your life and style. It's about having fun and getting some great images, capturing memories that you will always treasure - enjoy!