Proposal Photography

Proposal and Engagement Photographer in the UK

Ok, so booking a wedding photographer for one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding, almost goes without saying! But have you considered having your proposal photographed? Weird huh? Maybe not! While in the UK, proposal photography is not a big thing, in the US it's becoming an increasingly popular way to capture memories of the moment. The Knot's 2017 Jewelry & Engagement Study found that nearly half of all the couples they surveyed planned to hire a photographer or videographer to capture their proposal.

Now this definitely won't be for everyone but as wedding photographer, capturing special and intimate moments for people to look back on is what I do and if someone (maybe you) were looking for a photographer to capture their proposal, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

And if proposal photography isn't your cup of tea, then you can always choose to surprise your bride or groom to be with an engagement shoot instead - I've photographed loads of those and they're always great fun. So, either way, whether you're looking for someone to capture your engagement on the day itself or, someone to take some pictures of you both in the run up to your wedding day, look me up - I'd be happy to see what I can do for you!

Here's a small selection of pictures for you to have a look at and get an idea for what I can do. If you want to see some more then check out this pre-wedding session at Southwold, or maybe some engagement photography in North Norfolk or, this pre-wedding session in Portugal, just in case you're planning on a destination wedding -because I do those too!

If you'd like to book me for your engagement photography, discuss your proposal or, your wedding plans, call me - I'd love to hear some more!

Norwich e-shoot 16

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Norfolk Wedding Planner

Are you planning a wedding in Norfolk but you're not sure where to start?

Have you heard of Wedding Planners but you're not sure what it is they do that you can't do yourself?

Do you need a wedding planner in Norfolk but you're not sure where to begin?

These are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself as you begin planning your wedding in Norfolk. Well, where I live in wedding world, I have a wedding planner who lives right around the corner (an award winning Wedding Planner no less - Highly Commended by the TWIA 2018)  and luckily for us she's happy to answer these questions!

Why Should you Hire a Wedding Planner?

Hi! I am Emily and I have been a freelance Norfolk Wedding Planner for the last 6 years. I specialise in marquee weddings, and I love nothing more than transforming an empty field into a stunning wedding venue. Rob has asked me to explain a little
about why people should hire a wedding planner, and how beneficial it is to have a professional, experienced planner support you through your planning journey.

1. Time

Probably the most predictable reason for opting to use the services of a wedding planner is TIME. On average a wedding takes 250 hours to plan - who has that amount of free time!? When you first start to plan your wedding picking suppliers is
one of the most time consuming tasks and having an expert narrow this down and offer you suggestions will probably halve the amount of time you spend at this stage. When you first start working with your wedding planner they will get to know you
both, what your wedding dreams are, any ideas you have and their experience will quickly interpret this into a workable, achievable plan. They will know exactly what sort of suppliers you need to be searching for and with a bit of a brief they can do the
searching for you and offer you a shortlist for you to then review. Quite often when I am working with my clients, they are based abroad or out of area so they have the added benefit of having someone local who can not only streamline their research at
this stage, but I have been known to meet suppliers in person, ‘vet’ them this way on their behalf, use videos to do a tour of the venue or marquee site and work as a local ‘fixer’ for them.

When it comes to suppliers an experienced wedding planner will also know the right questions to ask and what services you need to pay for which means that not only are you saving communication time but you are also going to end up with exactly the service you require, with no unnecessary expenses. Part of this job that I love is bringing together an amazing team of wedding pros that gel together and work in harmony to deliver the day my clients dream of and picking such suppliers can only be done with experience and masses of research.

2. Money

Closely behind saving you time is the second most popular reason and that’s to save you MONEY. A wedding planner will be able to work with you and set a realistic budget up front. This will keep you focused and targeted in what you need to pay for.
Many of my clients find it really useful having an unbiased opinion on expenditure as so often it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of ‘needing’ everything to make your day beautiful but experience is a wonderful thing and a wedding planner can
offer cost saving advice to ensure you are not overspending in areas that are simply not going to effect your day, or your guests’ experience, of your day. Beware though, as there can be hidden commissions which can inflate the prices you pay for certain
services. As a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners I do not accept commission so any cost savings I am able to negotiate get passed directly onto my clients.

3. Stress Relief

As any married person will tell you, it is STRESSFUL planning a wedding! Even the most relaxed of wedding days require thought and preparation, on top of which, there may be unforeseen circumstances that need managing on the day that without someone to step in can add to the stress. By having a more comprehensive overview of the whole day, all the details and all the logistics, a wedding planner can foresee any areas which could cause problems and contingency plan to remove any glitches and keep everything running smoothly. After all, most brides and grooms only ever plan a wedding once whereas this is our passion and business so using this expertise means you get a day that is on budget and runs how you want it to.

Wedding planners are creatives whether it be with logistical solutions to the way your day could run, or with styling options to make the most of your budget and create a beautiful, cohesive look. Working with an experienced planner will enhance your day
and your planning experience which should be fun! Having a wedding planner support you in your planning means you get to focus on the fun parts, the bits of your day that you are excited about, knowing that no detail is overlooked.

a busy dance floor at a Wedding in Suffolk, UK

If you are a really organised person by nature and love the idea of planning all the different bits of your wedding then a planner can still enhance your day, especially if you are hosting at home. Having an experienced planner to manage your wedding
day where you have done all the planning yourself gives you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly, exactly how you want it to so you can relax and enjoy your very special day with your guests. Even with the most detailed planning things
can still go wrong on the day and having a wedding planner there who can step in and handle any problems behind the scenes to keep your day flowing is a worthwhile investment.

Now while this is not an exhaustive run-down of every single area a wedding planner can help you with it hopefully gives you an idea of some of the key areas. I always love chatting about everything wedding, whether you are getting married in Norfolk, in Suffolk, or elsewhere in the UK, if you have any questions then, please feel free to get in touch via my website at - and good luck with your plans!

Award Winning Engagement Photography

Two more Diamond Awards this week for photos from two fantastic engagement shoots!

The first was this image from Rachel and Andy's Pre-Wedding in Norwich, taken, as you might notice, as the sun set behind them. I've since photographed their amazing wedding at Keeper and the Dell which you can find featured on the blog!

The second winning photo was taken under the Pier at Southwold on a beautiful evening for Robyn and Ryan's pre-wedding photography on the Suffolk coast. They'll be getting hitched this coming weekend in Southwold before celebrating their nuptials at Bruisyard Hall and Barn!

The Diamond Awards are the WPJA’s, first-ever, standalone portrait contest for Engagement Photography. These awards are judged by news photo editors and award-winning photojournalists (including Pulitzer Prize winners). I'm stoked to learn of the news!

Here’s just a few more of my favourites from Rachel and Andy and Robyn and Ryan – enjoy!

Southwold Pre-Wedding Photography

So, this little shoot came off the back of a good run of weddings, 5 weddings in the previous 10 days and I can not wait to blog them all but this little shoot is going up now since, compared to a wedding, it's just a heck of a lot quicker to edit (but certainly no less fun to shoot - it was only an hour but I had such a good time!).

Robyn and Ryan are getting married in October at the church in Southwold, before a reception at Bruisyard Hall which, will be my first Wedding at Bruisyard Hall and I'm really looking forward to it!

So, without further ado, just a small selection from a fantastic hour in sunny Suffolk - cheers guys for being such great fun. I'll see you again soon - enjoy!



The One at Wells Harbour | Lucy & Simon

Pre-Wedding Photography in North Norfolk

It's Lucy & Simon's wedding at Godwick Hall today and I cannot wait to see them again.

Their pre-wedding shoot took place in January - I have no idea what we were thinking - it was freezing! But despite the weather, we had so much fun!

They are such an easy going couple and because of that, so very easy to photograph. They are just great together! It wasn't a "posey" shoot (by a long shot), it was just the two of them and a day out in Wells, eating fish and chips, playing the arcades and being a little bit silly. They laughed - a lot - and that always makes for great photos! But when we did stop do to some portraits by the sunset - oh wow!

All in all a perfect shoot for me, I really can not wait to see them again this morning - enjoy!

UPDATE: November 2018 - These guys are married go here to see their Godwick Hall wedding photos!

Diamond Award | Engagement Photographer

A wet, windy and wonderful engagement session in Norwich

It was wonderful to hear, from the WPJA that I won a Diamond Award this week for the photograph above of Rhea and Pieter on their pre-wedding photoshoot in Norwich.

Dodging the wet and the wind, these two, nonetheless, made the absolute most of the day. And Rhea's hat and scarf combo added a good dash of colour on what was an otherwise very grey afternoon.

We grabbed coffee together and sheltering from the rain, they treated me to lunch as well. It was a great way to catch up with them about their wedding plans at the amazing Narborough Hall near Kings Lynn.

The Diamond Awards are the WPJA’s, first-ever, standalone portrait contest for Engagement Portraits. These awards are judged by news photo editors and award-winning photojournalists (including Pulitzer Prize winners) so, being only a recent(ish) member and being one of the first awards I've entered, I was absolutely over the moon to learn of the news!

Here's just a few more of my favourites from the day - enjoy!



Rob, those photos are just incredible! ?❤️ my god I’m a model!!! ?? we are soooo pleased!!!

I love engagement photography. It's an amazing way to get to know each other before the wedding day, have some pre-wedding fun and for a couple to get comfortable in front of the camera. Lee had been a bit nervous about the shoot but as you'll see below, he did just fine! Jordan, on the other hand is not exactly the shy and retiring type!

This shoot was extra special as the beach was the same beach where Lee and Jordan got engaged, it was perfect! I also got to join Jordan, Lee, their friends and family for a pre-wedding meal, looking out on the beach, after our shoot. The very next day, I was there to capture their wedding.

It was an amazing beach engagement session in Praia da Oura, in the Algarve. Their love, their outlook on life and their energy are infectious and this made the shoot so easy. They have a chemistry that I can't put into words, a true bond but if you know them, you'll know precisely what I mean!

With the weather forecast for the wedding day looking less than ideal, I wanted to make the most of the good weather while we had it and, so we spent a beautiful evening wandering the beach and around the hotel grounds. I like to do as little posing as possible on these shoots, offering a little direction here and there, otherwise it's really just about capturing some smiles, some laughter and a little of that chemistry they got going on. I might love these two a little bit - enjoy!

engagement photography on the norfolk coast

Engagement Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography

With my first wedding of 2018 coming up this weekend, the blog may take a back seat for a while and so, before the wedding season starts, a little look at  pictures from some of the wonderful couples I've had the pleasure of getting together with this past month.

First up, Rhea and Pieter who are getting married at one of my favourite venues, Narborough Hall. It's been too long since I last had the opportunity of a wedding at Narborough Hall but I will be hooking up with this gorgeous couple in September to photograph what I'm sure will be an incredible day!

We spent some time on a rather damp and windy day in Norwich but the weather did nothing to dampen our spirits and these two were all smiles throughout. We ate, we drank and we had a great time catching up about their plans. I can't wait to see them again!

Norwich pre-wedding photography

Next up, Hannah and Adam in the beautiful and historic city of York. I first met Hannah several years ago, at one of my early weddings in 2009 and almost a decade later, it felt like meeting an old friend. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with Hannah and Adam, catching up and hearing some more about them and their plans for the big day.

Their wedding at Middleton Lodge Estate, in North Yorkshire, takes place later this year and it looks like an amazing place to spend the day!

Here's just one from a fabulous couple of hours wandering around York together, as the sun set on the Minster.

a wedding portrait in York

Most recently, I got to spend an afternoon in the company of Emily and Tom. I absolutely love the North Norfolk Coast and I might love these two a little bit as well! They treated me to a pint after the shoot - a sure fire way to my heart for anyone reading and thinking about booking me for their pre-wedding photography!

North Norfolk coast + good light + good company + cosy fireside pint = winning. It was a great afternoon!

I'll be back at the wonderful Hautbois Hall, in the not too distant future, for more fun with these two - it's sure to be a good one!

engagement photography on the norfolk coast

If you're planning a wedding in 2019/2020 and fancy some pre-wedding photos to celebrate your engagement, then contact me to find out more!

Norwich e-shoot 16

Norwich Pre-Wedding Photography

Coffee, cake and a Norwich Market lunch date with Annabelle and Titch!

Last week I made my into Norwich for a coffee and to meet up with an amazing couple, Annabelle and Titch, for their pre-wedding photography. I knew that it was going to be a good shoot after chatting to Annabelle on the phone. She was just as fun, relaxed and easygoing in person. After being introduced to Titch and finding out a little more about their wedding plans, we made our way to Norwich Market. It was a beautiful morning, crisp clear skies and sunshine were the order of the day – perfect for us to take a wander and make some photographs.

These guys are clearly smitten with one other. They were giggles and smiles the whole day (it was infectious) - they made my work easy and so much fun! We enjoyed a lovely stroll around Norwich, taking in lunch at  Jakey Le Bakey on the Norwich market (try the Croque-Monsieur!) and finishing off with cake and coffee at No. 33 - perfect! Oh and I took some pics along the way - have a look below.

The time I spent with these two absolutely flew by. But it's a long old wait until their wedding at the Reading Rooms, Alby, in 2020. After, such an amazing couple of hours with them, I'm really looking forward to their big day! Thanks guys for being such great fun - enjoy your images! :-)

Pre-Wedding Photography

Norfolk Engagement Photography

A few photos from some of the pre-wedding and engagement shoots I’ve had the pleasure of this month.

Pre-wedding photography in North Norfolk

First up was Lucy and Simon, who are getting married at Godwick Hall later this year. Luckily, they’re getting married in August because our day out in Wells was just a little cold, by which, I mean, it was bloody freezing! So, we enjoyed some Fish and Chips to warm us up and sheltered from the cold in the cafe and the amusements. It was a great day out in one of my favourite parts of the North Norfolk Coast. Lucy and Simon were great fun to hang out with and I can’t wait to catch up with them again, in warmer weather, at their Godwick Hall Wedding.

Engagement Photography in North Norfolk

Later the same week, I spent the afternoon with Amie and Daniel. They’re getting married in August 2019 at Glebe Farm Barn. We spent the day at Cromer and for the second time in almost as many days, I got to eat fish and chips … again! I’ve decided that this is obligatory if you do any kind of seaside or beach pre-wedding photography with me. Another freezing cold day, I got soaked to the bone as I was wiped out by a wave! But warming up by the fire, with a hot chocolate, in the Red Lion and Amie and Daniel for company afterwards made it totally worthwhile! A really relaxed and fun couple to be around, I can’t believe I have to wait so long before I’ll get to photograph them again! I laughed non-stop and if their friends and family are anything like Amie and Daniel then their wedding at Glebe Farm Barn is going to be one heck of a party!

London Engagement Photography 

Luke and Jodie are getting married at Marylebone Town Hall and Pinewood Studios! They had their engagement photos in London. It was the one day of the week where it absolutely chucked it down all day long! I got drenched through … again but they treated me to a slap up meal where I managed to dry off and give my cameras some time to dry as well. The barmaid tried to wet us all again by spectacularly dropping our drinks from the tray on her way to our table but the food and company more than made up for having soggy socks! I love a couple who aren’t bothered by the weather, they smiled and cuddled their way through in spite of the cold and wet – loved it!