Find A Norfolk Wedding Photographer For Your Elopement

If you’ve got a dream scenario for your wedding day, it’s the right time to let it out. It might not tick all the boxes for everyone attending but you deserve to get married how you both want to. Spontaneity and speed are the two main features if you’re interested in opting for an elopement-style wedding day. However, that might leave you with many unanswered questions.

To help you make this, often, snap decision, I’m here to help. At Rob Dodsworth Photography you’ll be able to tick something off your checklist with a professional photographer who will document the beautiful occasion in the best light.

elopement photographyThere may be so much to organise, but that doesn’t mean you need to be unprepared:

    • Tell your guests:

      The definition of an elopement is to run away and get married in secret. But to have a legal civil ceremony in the UK you will need to have two witnesses.  If it is just the two of you eloping, then I can act as one of your witnesses and we can grab a kindly stranger to act as the second witness for you. You may be planning to tell a small group of friends or, family. If this is the case then, set a number for your wedding, narrow down the guest list and if there’s time get the invites sent out. Elopements are often planned quite quickly so, a written invitation in the post might be put aside in favour of a telephone call or message. You may only have days until your elopement so, it’s important you make a list of people you really want to have with you. Make sure you’re clear on who you want there for this most special moment in your life.

    • Find the perfect venue:

      If you’ve decided to choose an elopement as your desired route of marriage, you have most likely dreamed up a setting in your head. Whether you’re going for a truly intimate setting in the Scottish Highlands or, you want to say your vows by a waterfall in Iceland, the location you decide upon will provide the backdrop to your photos. Want to set up a ceremony by the lake where your first date took place? Want to create a special atmosphere at your favourite place? There are many options to choose from, but if you want your elopement to be truly special and don’t fancy overcomplicating things, keep things as simple as you can and save up for your honeymoon, your photographs and the experiences. Planning an elopement in Las Vegas? Well then, after saying goodbye to the King, don your blue suede shoes and head out along Route 66 together for an LA vacation!

    • Be bold:

      The last piece of advice I have that can prepare you for any elopement is to be brave, be bold and don’t change your decision. The bond of love isn’t something that will alter. Your partner and yourself will have the chance to enjoy this moment together. Find the venue, get a dress and a suit fitted now and don’t delay in booking me, to help capture this once in a lifetime adventure for you! Whether you’re eloping somewhere in the South of England, the Lake District or here, in Norfolk. My wedding and elopement photography can fill the missing pieces in your spontaneously-decided occasion, because it will capture the only thing that matters: the two of you.

To discover more about elopements and how to start the planning process by booking a professional photographer, speak to Rob Dodsworth today.

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