Moments that Matter. A Gift You Will Truly Treasure

Wedding photography – it’s all about moments. And here’s a few I’ve taken over the years.

That moment before the rest of your life together…

The nervous anticipation. A calm moment of composure. Milliseconds before you turn to look at your bride for the first time on your wedding day.

A groom waits nervously for his bride to arrive.

…and the moment you say “I do”

And those nerves turn to sheer joy. Capturing moments like these tells the story of your day, the beginning of the rest of your life together.  The wedding rings, your wedding cake, your wedding flowers, these details are important but it’s the moments that matter most. It’s these pictures you’ll show your kids and grandkids one day.

Norwich Wedding Photography

A gift you will truly treasure!

We are so glad we found you and that you were able to be part of our special day. Thank you so much. You have given us a gift we can truly treasure.

Wedding photography is something that you’ll treasure in the years to come, it passes on through the family to your children and grandchildren. I love looking at my family’s wedding photos and spending time imagining what it must have been like to be at their wedding celebrations. One single image can transport you to a time and place and connect you with friends and family who are no longer here and you perhaps never even met. That’s the incredible power of photography – it freezes time!

More than just snapshots!

Details are important, of course they are and I enjoy taking photos of the little details of your wedding day. You spend a lot of time choosing that perfect dress and your flowers.

Wedding flowers in Norfolk

But wedding photography is more than mere snapshots documenting your day, it is about capturing moments, capturing emotion and letting you relive the day in the years to come. I get a real buzz capturing those special moments, the emotion on your family and friends faces, moments you might not remember or, perhaps, you never knew had happened. It thrills me to know that even long after I’m gone, there will be people – your future family – who will be looking at the photographs I took on your wedding day, cherishing them and who, in their own way, will find a connection to you through these images.

Your story!

Every couple, every wedding, is different. So, I don’t like to limit myself to a certain style or, contrived shot list. That’s not what your wedding is about and so my approach to your wedding will be as unique as you are. I love people watching and I love telling the story of your day through the moments you will share with the ones you love. It’s as simple as that, because it’s these moments that matter most!

Whether its your dad walking you to the aisle ….

…or seeing you for the first time on the morning of your wedding.

Your sister shedding a tear as you say your vows…

…or your new father-in-law ripping up the dance floor…

I’ll be there capturing these moments, telling your wedding story from start to finish! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to tell the story of your day, you can find out more about me here!

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