REAL Family Photography in Norwich and Norfolk 

No posing. No direction. Come as you are.

When I talk about family photography, I’m not talking about posing or directing you.

I used to.  

For years, I created “lifestyle” photos for my own family and for the families that booked me.  

But there was always something missing. 

I made beautiful pictures of families hugging, smiling and laughing.

I enjoyed it. And I am so grateful people booked me for it.  

Those families have pictures to look back on that show them looking their best, their most happy, contented and together.  

But, truth be told…

…I wasn’t content. There was a disconnect.

Yes, I loved getting great feedback from families. It was amazing to know that they loved their images but I always felt there was more I should be doing for them.

The moments I captured were still real, just not really REAL – make sense?

Lifestyle photography is, more often than not, curated photography.

It is styled to make the most of your time and the best of the available light.  

Lifestyle photography is often done in a quick session. So, for the sake of getting images that families wanted, posing people, directing and staging moments was par for the course.   

But it’s not real-life. It’s life through rose-tinted specs. It’s the Disney version of things! 

I’ve had this kind of session myself. I love the images because it’s my family! But there’s a part of me when I look at those photos that can’t see past being directed where to stand, how best to hold each other and what to do.

No one way is better than the other.

There’s room for both approaches to your family photos.  

Pick the kind of photography that speaks to you, and choose the approach that will help you to best remember the here and now how you want to remember it. 

If you want lifestyle photography, I’ll recommend people to you who I know do the best of that work. 

It’s just not for me.

And the longer I do this, the more I’m shifting away from that approach. 

If you want photography that doesn’t involve manipulating the scene, doesn’t involve staging the moment and, if you’re open-minded, to show your story just as it is, I cannot wait to meet you!

Find out more about family photography and my approach below.

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