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Your wedding photography shouldn’t be stage-managed. Be yourself, enjoy your day and the rest will take care of itself! You’re looking for a photographer to capture the authentic moments that go into telling the story of your day, candidly and creatively.

The moments that matter. You want your images to tell as true a story of your wedding as possible. You don’t want a cookie cutter approach to your wedding. You want a photographer who is on the lookout for those moments which, when captured in a photograph, will take you back in time and help you relive your wedding day.

You’re looking for a photographer who will do their utmost to remain unobtrusive and who won’t take over. This doesn’t mean hanging around on the sidelines though.  I get my best shots by being in the action. Essentially, if you have a great time that’s going to get you great pictures.

What is most important to you about your wedding photography? What are you hoping to see when you get your photos? If it’s lots of posed images, dresses hung in trees or close up shots of your wedding rings, that’s not me. If it’s pictures of people celebrating with you, laughing, crying, crying with laughter and generally having a great time, pictures of funny and unexpected moments, then please read on.

More Than Just Snap Shots!

While I’m constantly on the lookout for moments that will document your day, it’s about so much more than snap shots! You want your images to tell the bigger picture.

One of the greatest compliments is when people look at their wedding photography and tell me they get a real sense of “being there”. To get that feeling in your images, you want a photographer who will get stuck into the action of your wedding day.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be getting in the way or, standing right in your face as you say your vows – far from it. I’m always aware of remaining as unobtrusive as possible. But wedding days are full of energy and you want your wedding photos to reflect that.

Whether that involves your friends, a little drunk, on the bouncy castle or, simply the reaction to a good joke, then I’ll be on the look out for it!

Photos With Feeling

You want to look back on your images and be able to relive your wedding day. That’s the point of having them, right? You want a photographer who will be looking out for those moments that give you a sense of the occasion.

Some of these images may be more obvious, the father of the bride seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time or, the emotion on your face as you exchange your vows.

Other images, might be less obvious. It could be the flower girls watching you as you arrive at the church, the tears you didn’t see your sister, or your bridesmaids wipe from their eyes. It might be your pageboy, chilling out on the train of your wedding dress or, your aunty and uncle having a big old kiss on the dance floor!

Whatever it is, you want a photographer who is on their toes at all times, a photographer always looking out for these little in-between moments, moments that tell the whole story of your wedding day.

The Real You

In your portraits, I might offer you a little direction here and there but you want to avoid posing because you want to look at a photo and recognise it as you, the two of you and how you were together in that moment. Not just your personality but the way you feel about each other. Being told that my photography “captured the real us” is worth so much more to me than any award. This is what really matters. Being able to capture your personality in an image is something I constantly strive for.

“Rob, you have captured all the stages of a beautiful, happy, fun wedding day and the essence of my girl is in these photos – beautiful, happy and fun.” – Edwina’s mum

“We love each and every single one, you have captured our personalities perfectly.” – Nicola & Joe

The details, your dress, your flowers, your table plan all matter, of course they do but when push comes to shove, these are not the images you will likely end up printing or, even, treasuring half as much as you will the pictures of you, together, enjoying your day with friends and family. The heart of my wedding photography, is about the people you love, the hugs, the kisses, the high fives, your vows, the laughter, the tears and losing yourselves on the dance floor. Those are the moments that you really want to remember. This is the real story of your wedding.

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