A Wedding at Sussex Barn in North Norfolk

Welcome to the Sussex Barn wedding of Sarah and Mike. The day started for me at Sarah’s childhood home, near Kings Lynn. The house was full of photos of the family through the years. One of my favourite photos was of Sarah’s dad looking like a “mad scientist”, a little like “Doc” Brown from Back to the Future and he’s still quite the character! Looking at these photographs, Sarah told me some great stories and it was clear how important my photography would be in adding to these memories and to their family’s photographic record. That’s what makes being a wedding photographer so special. I want to say thank you to the family and Sarah’s bridesmaids for making me feel so welcome and part of the group that morning.

Following on from some time with the Sarah and her bridesmaids, I made the journey to Sussex Barn in Burnham Market, through the beautiful North Norfolk countryside. Mike and his groomsmen were enjoying a few pre-wedding drinks and making some last minute preparations. Wedding guests began to arrive, slowly at first but then the venue atmosphere really got going, with people hugging, laughing and catching up to each other.

The ceremony was a beauty. Sarah arrived looking absolutely amazing, her dad beaming with pride, as he took by the arm and walked her up the aisle. At the top of the aisle, Sarah drew in a deep breath, of nervous anticipation, but from then on in, she and Mike were all smiles. It was an honour to be there and through my photography to show what they are together, to show their love for each other and that of their friends and family. Sarah and Mike (Dave!) thanks so much for choosing me to join you – enjoy!

If you’re planning a Sussex Barn Wedding then get in touch or, why not take a look at some more Sussex Barn Wedding photos.

A man walks his dogs by a detached farmhouse in West Norfolk
detail of a wedding makeup artists bag
pictures from the preparations for a wedding at Sussex Barn in Norfolk
bridesmaids toast the bride during their bridal preparations at Sussex Barns wedding venue
Photography of a bride having her hair done before her wedding
Bridal preparations for a wedding in Norfolk
Hair stylist sprays bride with hairspray before her wedding day
Wedding preparations
A bridesmaid admires the wedding gown hung in a window
A wedding guest laughs with the groom at a Sussex barn wedding
A man does his tie up before a wedding at Sussex Barn in Norfolk
Photograph of the front aspect of Sussex Barn wedding venue with the White House in background
Photography of a Bride helped into her dress before a wedding at Sussex Barn
Groom and groomsmen sharing a drink before the wedding
Father of the bride and his daughter laughing together before the wedding ceremony
A photograph of the stables at Sussex Barn wedding venue in North Norfolk
Wedding cake
A wedding guest helps the groom put his boutonniere on
A little boy picking his nose at a wedding
The bride arrives at her wedding in Sussex Barn North Norfolk
The groom and his best man waiting for the arrival of the bride at Sussex barn Burnham market
A bride walking down the aisle at Sussex barn in North Norfolk
Bride and groom first to look at the top of the aisle
A bride draws in a nervous breath before saying her wedding vows
A wide angle photograph of the bride and groom and wedding guests at a Sussex barn wedding ceremony
Documentary wedding photography of a ceremony at Sussex barn in Norfolk
Bride and groom exchanging the rings at their wedding at Sussex barn
Newlywed couple hug each other after their first kiss at Sussex barn
Wedding guests congratulating the bride and groom on becoming married
Bride and groom enjoying their wedding reception at Sussex barn
Wedding guests enjoying the sunny weather outside Sussex barn
A black-and-white portrait photograph of a bride and groom at a barn wedding in Norfolk
Colour photography of a bride and groom at their wedding at Sussex barn
Portrait photography of a bride and groom at a barn wedding venue in North Norfolk
Newlywed couple laughing as they are showered in confetti
Newlyweds are applauded by guests as they arrive at their wedding breakfast and reception at Sussex barn
Bride and groom laughing at their wedding speeches at Sussex barn in Burnham market
Reportage photography of wedding speeches at a Norfolk barn wedding
A wedding guest enjoying speeches at North Norfolk wedding
Bride and groom laughing at their best man speech at Sussex barn
Wedding guests drying their tears
Documentary wedding photograph of bride and groom cutting cake
Creative wedding photography in North Norfolk
Bride and groom enjoy a romantic stroll at Sussex barn
Wedding photography at Sussex barn in North Norfolk
Photograph of a Bride and groom enjoying a romantic walk by sunset
Newlyweds first dance at Sussex barn Burnham market wedding
Bride and groom are joined by guests on the dancefloor at their wedding at Sussex barn
A groom throwing some shapes on the dancefloor
A happy groom at his wedding in North Norfolk
Wedding guests celebrating on the dancefloor at Sussex barn

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