Documentary Family Photography in Norfolk

Don’t fake it!

Father and baby daughter at play

Real family Photography

The ability to freeze time in its tracks is something we’d all like to do, right?

When the dog runs in with wet fur before it shakes itself off, when your child starts to copy a funny dance or, when a board game gets out of control – it’d give us time to capture and remember those moments forever.

Rob Dodsworth Photography (that’s me!) can help you make the most out of these amazing, unforgettable moments, by choosing him to be your documentary family photographer.

Lifestyle family photography?

Don’t fake it!

Truly capturing and recording REAL moments with your family is, often, little thought about.

Photos are quickly uploaded to social media, shared, commented on and then forgotten, disappearing down your feed almost as quickly as your children seem to outgrow those new school shoes you bought only last week (how???). But albums and photo frames allow you to involve yourself in your photos; casting you back to that exact moment.

With my help as your family photographer you’ll be able to hold on to all the little moments that make you a family. I’m not talking fake poses amongst the bluebells, running whimsically along the beach or, standing awkwardly pretending to be the perfect family. I’m talking about the daily routines, the little quirks that show off the personality, charisma and love your family has.

I’ll capture your family, all the glorious chaos and pandemonium, turning that into photos that will help you remember what your family life was really like when your babies are not so little anymore.

Want to know more? Of course you do! Based in Norwich, Norfolk, I work throughout the UK. Get in touch today and let’s get together soon because they don’t stay little for long (trust me – I know!).

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