“It’s a weird world right now” is how Ali’s most recent email started.

There can be no doubting it.

She first got in touch mid-February, not long after I took these family photos, asking if I would take some pictures of her parents. Ali explained they have lived in the same house for a good many years but that she didn’t have many pictures of them together.

She mentioned that one of her parents might take a little more work to come around to the idea. But I like a challenge and we set a date.

So many things have changed, in such a very short space of time. Looking back on these photos, almost feels like a lifetime ago when, in fact, it was just weeks ago.

But isn’t that the point of family photography? Life does change and so very quickly. None of us can know what is just around the corner. But having photos to look back on, to help us to relive those memories, is the power of it.

I won’t wax lyrical anymore, I’ve done that elsewhere. Suffice to say, if you feel like photos of your family are important to you, I’d love to hear from you.

For now, I will leave you with these extremely kind words from Ali and if you’d like to know more, please get in touch:

I have just looked through the photographs, and it’s hard to explain what I feel when I see them – you have managed to catch the loveliest moments of my family, in a way that makes you forget you are looking at pictures and not at the actual people.

It’s extremely moving to see candid photos of my parents together, in the place they’ve called home for so many decades, which they love.  And yes, you’re right – we got far more smiles out of Pa than anticipated!

You were just brilliant at putting them at their ease, and you were so unobtrusive when sneaking the shots in without them noticing.  Also, the photos you took of their studies, giving a little insight into their worlds, were a terrific touch.

I’m so glad we got the photographs done by you, and I’m delighted with the results.  And I’m so glad you were happy to sit on the floor, surrounded by dogs, and eat cake!


I love dogs. I love cake. I love making pictures of people. A perfect day – enjoy!

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