Cambridgeshire Wedding Photography at the Old Hall, Ely

This wedding at the Old Hall, Ely, saw Sherrie and David get married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, in front of family and friends, on an absolutely gorgeous late Summer’s day.

Having never been to the Old Hall myself, I arrived early to take a good look around before the celebrations got going. What a stunning location! You can see for miles around and as you approach the Old Hall from the top of the drive, you are treated to a spectacular view of Ely Cathedral.

Having been for a wander around, enjoying the views and some of the sunshine, I joined Sherrie and her bridal party as they put the finishing touches to the reception marquee. A balloon or two may have gone astray but all were in place by the time the wedding breakfast and speeches commenced and the place looked fantastic.

An outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Cambridgeshire

Full of smiles and shedding a good number of tears, this bride and groom were clearly feeling the emotion. Hugs, kisses and congratulations followed, before a short wander around the grounds of the Old Hall for some portraits of the happy couple.

There were plenty more (happy) tears and laughter throughout the rest of the day, with a series of speeches that really tugged on the heart strings and had me wiping tears from my eyes more than once.

The evenings entertainment unfolded, the Prosecco flowed and Sherrie and David cut their cake (in front of some people excited to have the first taste) before a seriously romantic first dance and later, a cracking game of Mr and Mrs – queue more tears of laughter!

As ever, thank you to the bride and groom, Sherrie and David, for choosing me to capture their day – it was perfect – enjoy!

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